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Galveston TX

Welcome to Pirate Island!

All right, to be fair, the hotels in Galveston TX aren’t really on Pirate Island but given the city’s location and history, the name isn’t as far from the truth as you might think. Located on an island off the coast of Texas, the area’s first permanent settlements were built by the pirate Louis-Michel Aury in 1816, though it gained its name in honor of the Count of Galvez by an explorer thirty years earlier. After Aury left on a raid to Spain, it was taken over by a second pirate, Jean Lafitte, who held it for four years until the US Navy drove him out. So, you see, it actually did all start with pirates. Plus, you have to admit, it got your attention.

A City of Survivors

It’s one thing to enjoy a city, to even love it, but it takes a special kind of place to inspire admiration. The hotels in Galveston TX share a home that has seen more than its fair share of troubles and continued to stand tall in spite of each and every one of them. From the United States’ deadliest natural disaster in the hurricane of 1900, to the economic ups and downs through the middle of 20th century and the landfall of Hurricane Ike in 2000, Galveston has proven again and again that the city is more than a great place to visit, it’s a survivor.

Where Big Business Thrives

Like any good survivor, Galveston has proven to be adaptable over the years. The city’s economic strength began with the port where, until the construction of the Houston Ship Channel, much of the South’s shipping business was routed. It still remains a mainstay of the industry and now also serves as a terminal for cruise ships. Though it had its time as a go-to for gambling, the popularity of Las Vegas and crackdown from the government forced the city to change again. Today, it is the home of one of the largest life insurance companies in the US, many important teaching hospitals and universities and the headquarters of three different banks.

History Is Ever Present

Even if you’re looking through the hotels in Galveston TX for business, you should make some time to take in the incredible amount of history to be found in the city’s streets.  It is home to six historic districts containing more than sixty different locations in the National Register of Historic Places. From homes built during the Civil War to an Opera House from 1894 to a Victorian style palace listed as one of the most representative of the style by the Library of Congress, the past is everywhere you look. Make sure to take some time out of your day, every day, to appreciate this beautiful and important side of the city.

And There’s Always Something To Do

And just in case you aren’t a history buff or you’ve already spent some time exploring the architecture around the hotels in Galveston TX, there’s plenty of other options for making the most of every moment you’re on the island. Scour the streets to find all the various Tree Sculptures, tour the exhibits at the Texas Seaport Museum or the Ocean Start Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum. Enjoy the wildlife in the water and in the air with bird and dolphin tours, browse the art galleries in the Post office Street Arts and Entertainment District, or hit the Moody Gardens for a 3-D movie, and aquarium tour. Every day is a new adventure in the city of Galveston.

How To Get Where You’re Going

Being located on an island, the hotels in Galveston TX don’t have the same transportation options you might find in some of the landlocked bigger cities in the country, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On one hand, getting in and around the city is narrowed to driving yourself on Interstate 45 or hopping on the Texas Eagle by bus connection in Longview. Even flying will only get you to Houston as the only airport on the island is used for freight and military purposes. On the other hand, however, the amount of traffic and congestion in the area is greatly reduced, giving you that true island feeling of getting away from it all.

What To Wear When You Get There

If you know anything at all about the great state of Texas, you already know that you’ll have little use for long pants and sweatshirts on your trip. And if you’re visiting the hotels in Galveston TX during the summer months, you may actually want to time your outings carefully. With an average over ninety degrees as well as a fair amount of humidity, air conditioning will very much prove to be your friend. Even the off seasons are warm with average of fifty to sixty degrees and barely a hint of snow. Dress cool, make the most of your hotel’s pool and plan for a hot time on your next trip.

And It All Starts With a Great Stay

In the end, though, all that excellent info on what to do and where to go matters little if you don’t have a comfortable and convenient place to call home while you’re in town. That’s why the hotels in Galveston TX have made it their main priority to excel in the most important areas of hospitality. With big names like Wyndham, Marriott and Hilton as well as more local choices like the Galveston Beach Hotel and Moody Gardens, you can decide whether you want luxury or economy, inn or resort. And every choice will net you immediate, and sometimes complimentary, access to great services and amenities like on-site dining, wireless Internet, pools and fully loaded suites. You can also expect fitness facilities, business centers and even full service spas all at addresses that put you right up close to everything. Easily reach all the corporations, historic buildings, gorgeous beachfront and local experiences you could want.  Select whichever of the hotels in Galveston TX that is just right for you and get your next adventure going in a very big way.