Research Methods

Reservation Counter is a leading travel company, with a speciality in the hospitality industry. Reservation Counter has worked with hospitality clients ranging from boutique hotels to large online travel agencies, and has gained a strong grasp of macro hotel indicators, which drive consumer behavior. In 2014, Reservation Counter began doing travel industry research studies, analyzing large amounts of data to gain insights into different segments of the hotel market. Large media outlets have recognized reservation counter for their hotel industry knowledge and insights, such as the Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, and the Florida Consumer Visitors Bureau. In 2014, Reservation Counter developed a trademark algorithm to understand overall consumer utility called the Hotel Satisfaction Index, or HSI. The components of the HSI changes depending on the study, but some consistent parts of the algorithm are listed below. The HSI is awarded to cities or hotels for overall consumer satisfaction.
  • Hotel Price - Research MethodsHotel Price - Research Methods

    The cost of a hotel is the basis for consumer utility. If a hotel costs more than it is worth in the eyes of the beholder, overall consumer satisfaction is proven to be reduced.

  • Hotel Guest Rating - Research MethodsHotel Guest Rating - Research Methods

    Hotel Guest Rating score is the most direct way consumers can voice their opinion about their experience. As a result, consumer guest scores are weighted slightly higher than other components in the HSI index.

  • Hotel Star Rating - Research MethodsHotel Star Rating - Research Methods

    The hotel star rating is a method for categorizing hotels based on their quality. There are different star rating methods in use. Reservation Counter uses star ratings as defined by Expedia Inc., the worlds largest travel agency.

  • Location - Research MethodsLocation - Research Methods

    Location is everything when it comes to consumer utility. Hotels closer to popular points of interest are given a higher HSI than hotels further away from the action.

The four components listed above are always included in the HSI algorithm, with some elements given a slight lead higher weighting. There are other components to the HSI that are included in some research studies. When relevant, temperature and humidity are factored in. Sometimes area crime rates are analyzed. Even Hotel bed bug incidents are considered when warranted.

Research Requests

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