Explore L.A. When You Book Hotels Near Inglewood CA

A True California Epic

The hotels near Inglewood CA will provide you something you don’t always find in the bustling heart of a major city and western coastal region; history.  While the area was home to Native Americans who visited the natural springs to water their livestock, taking advantage of the ring of hills around them, it wasn’t until the foundation of the Centinela Adobe that the city’s true foundation began.  The building was raised by Ygnacio Machado,the son of soldier sent to protect Mexican settlers, and began a legacy of expansion and progress.  The building still stands today, home to the Centinela Historical Society where you can also find the mansion of Daniel Freeman, the Canadian who bought much of Machado’s land to create the Centinela Ranch and more than 10,000 photographs chronicling the long history of this great city.  Before you head out to enjoy the majesty of its modern incarnation, stop at the adobe and witness its fascinating history.

A Better Kind of Local

When you make a reservation at any one of the hotels near Inglewood CA, you are going to get to experience a whole new definition of the word local.  Right in the city itself you can enjoy the aforementioned display of cultural history, head over for a mind blowing, breathtaking adventure in the sky at the Hollywood Aerial Arts, watched the ponies at the classic Hollywood Park Race Track, or catch a show at the Forum.  But it gets even better than that because local extends into some of the best areas in the county.  Marina Del Rey, Gardena, Culver City, and Manhattan Beach are all minutes from your hotel.  That means you won’t just get the best of Inglewood with your stay, you’ll get the best of all of L.A.