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London Travel Guide

A City That Has Stood the Test of Time

Even if you are researching the hotels in London, UK in preparation for your very first trip to visit the city, it is very unlikely you haven’t heard its name before.  While other destinations can just as easily boast incredible cultural exhibits and breathtaking historic venues, very few have stood the test of time the way London has.  Its origins reach back not just centuries but millennia, all the way back to its foundation by the Roman Empire in or around 43 AD.  Look at that date again.  There are just two digits in it.  It’s almost impossible to completely comprehend the amount of history that you’ll find along the streets and in the buildings around your accommodations at the hotels in London UK.

Its borders have been held by the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans, the Tudors, and the Stuarts, just to name a few.  It has survived a Great Plague, a Great Fire, a Great Depression and the Blitz of World War II.  It has produced some of the most recognizable names in history, a very short list of which includes Charles Babbage, William Blake, Michael Caine and Charlie Chaplin. Others include Ian Fleming, Alfred Hitchcock, A.A. Milne, Elizabeth Taylor and John Keats.  A trip to this great city is a trip into the past, present and future, all rolled up together in a way you won’t see anywhere else in the world.  When you book a room or suite in one of the impressive hotels in London, UK, you can access this almost two thousand year old history and see for yourself what a true city of the ages looks like.

Never a Dull Moment

Once you’ve booked your reservation in one of the hotels in London, UK and checked in, you will discover almost immediately why the city is the most visited in all of the world.  To even try to capture a complete picture of all the places to see, all the things to do, would take much more time than you should be dedicating to just reading about your next big adventure but in an effort to try and prepare you for the endless excitement you are facing, here is a collection of some of the most notable attractions, locations and events.

Start with history, as the past always comes first, and you’ll find so many landmarks that event the most adamant history buff would be satisfied.  From the Tower Bridge to the Tower of London, from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, from Westminster Abbey to St Paul’s Cathedral, there is a location for every historic vocation and every one is worth visiting at least once.   Move on to culture and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed once more.  Over 240 museums are waiting outside your accommodations at the hotels in London UK, including the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern, the Imperial War Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts and the National Gallery.  Theatre is just as well covered, most notably in the West End and famously by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

And the music, oh the music. This is the city responsible for David Bowie, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, the Sex Pistols, the Who and Pink Floyd and its modern music scene, both local and global, remains just as incredible.  And music leads right into the nightlife, which as you probably may already know, is world-renowned.  From dance clubs to comedy clubs, from music venues to traditional pubs, there is a scene for whatever you enjoy.  And to wrap up this very abbreviated collection, here is a list of some of the annual events held in the city; the London Boat Show, the London Marathon, the City of London Festival and the London Film Festival.  Truly, you will be very hard pressed to have a single minute of empty downtime, even a solitary dull moment, when you stay at the hotels in London, UK.

Be Prepared and How To Get There

Though it would be probably more fun to spend all your planning time reading about all the hot locations and interesting history that goes along with your reservation at the hotels in London, UK, it’s important you have some practical information under your belt.  When choosing your wardrobe, especially outer wear, keep in mind that the city has a temperate oceanic climate, meaning that summers are warm, with an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and winters are cooler but without a lot of snowfall.

Even though the city has been doted as one of the rainiest in the world it actually gets less annual precipitation than Rome and Naples.  Still, best pack an umbrella because it does get around 24-inches a year.  And now that you’re properly dressed, you’ll need to know how to get all those must-see attractions.  Though cycling continues to increase in popularity in the city, the Tube, or the London Underground, is still consistently busy and offers a quick, cheap way to get anywhere you want to go.  You can also catch an iconic double decker bus, hop the first, and only, cable car, take advantage of the Tramlink or squeeze your way into traffic.

Exhaustion Well Earned

In a city this historic, one so very full of so many wonderful things to do and see, you are going to wear yourself pretty thin, pretty fast.  Fortunately, there is a home for that well earned exhaustion at the hotels in London UK.  Find comfort and quality as varied and interesting as the city itself with recognizable brand names like DoubleTree, Novotel, Holiday Inn and Marriott.

Live in the lap of luxury and enjoy five star pampering at the Berkeley or find the home away from home comfort with benefits in the spacious apartments at the Sanctum.  Whether you choose these, or the Savoy or the Montcalm, each as elegant as the next, you are going to love what your stay adds to your experience.  This is the trip of a lifetime you are planning and the hotels in London, UK are the perfect way to start.