About Reservation Counter

Travel with Confidence

With more than 1 million properties to choose from and more than 10,000 room nights booked every day, we're redefining the travel landscape by giving travelers access to more hotel choices than any other. And through our partnerships with the world's largest brands in travel, we're able to work with a wide variety of hotels to help people get the best deals on exclusive travel destinations.

We offer multiple simple and easy pathways for travelers to access essential hotel information to help them make a decision and book online or with an agent on the phone. If needed, our customer support is ready help 24/7 by phone and email.

Part of TravelPass Group, Reservation Counter has a portfolio of booking options that gives our customers greater choice and access to the best inventory and rates. Since Reservation Counter's beginning in 2006, our mission has remained consistent—help travelers be satisfied and informed to make the best decision possible each step of the way.

We are headquartered at:2961 W Maple Loop Dr, Suite 300Lehi, UT 84043

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