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Frequently Asked Questions For Hotels

We help travelers get to where they're going with ease. Our simple yet innovative solutions enable hotels to do what they do best-helping consumers find the accommodations they want. In the last 12 months we've had more than 97 million travel queries and sold more than 75,000 unique hotel properties. Reservation Counter is operated by

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What is a third-party hotel vendor?

Third-party vendors are any service or advertiser that is not directly sourced from the hotel. There are hundreds of these services. They use Global Distribution Systems (GDS) where hotels voluntarily place inventory and rates to resale. The GDS are designed to give third-party vendors full capabilities to book rooms. They include companies like Costco Travel, American Express Travel; advertisers like,, and many others, and also thousands of small businesses, including local, independent travel agents. Even major online travel agencies like Expedia and Priceline fulfill a significant percentage of their volume through this third-party inventory.

Major third-party vendors include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more.

How can a hotel partner more exclusively with TravelPass Group?

We'd love to work with you. Visit or email us at

How are you able to sell hotel inventory?

We are a leading provider of hotel accommodations with direct deals with independent and brand name hotels, wholesalers, and partnerships with the world's largest travel agencies. We receive access to hotel inventory through wholesalers as a Sabre Travel Agency, and through our partnerships with the world's largest brands in travel.

How can I make changes to my hotel inventory listing?

We can make some updates or corrections to our sites, but we are limited because in many cases we primarily use information provided by hotels to online travel agencies. Please contact your online travel agency representative. Hopefully, in the future we will have more control to make changes, if needed.

How can I add or make a change to my hotel logo on your site?

Please send us an email at

How can I reach support for one of my customers?

Customer satisfaction and hotel relationships are extremely important to us. If you or a customer who we booked at your hotel needs additional support, please call 888-978-6518 (available 24/7) or email us We will make every effort to respond promptly.

Why does your site show multiple phone numbers?

We prominently display our phone numbers on our sites and in our confirmation emails to help our customers reach us, if they need. Our phone numbers may rotate based on time windows to offer better customer service. All phone numbers and websites can access customer service help 24/7. Our goal is to bring the right customer to the right hotel accommodation every time.

How do your call centers help customers and act independent from the hotel?

We maintain 24/7 sales and support through email and phone. We employ only the friendliest agents, who are among the most trained in the travel industry. Thorough education and phone call scripts require agents to educate callers about who they are and that they do not represent the hotel. We record and perform quality checks with all of our phone agents. They sign an agreement of understanding to follow our standards. If an agent deliberately misrepresents as acting for the hotel, the agent is terminated without warning.

How do you help hotels?

We help hotels show up on the right search results at the right time-every time. Our proprietary technology pushes beyond conventional standards, helping hotels maximize ROI and increase sales by providing them with the information they need, including cross-channel availability and pricing insights, to achieve greater visibility and reach the right customers.

Can customers get better deals by booking with the hotel directly?

We help hotels reach customers they could not reach otherwise. Hotels voluntarily place their room inventory in various networks-at various prices-to sell rooms through their own channels, online travel agencies or other networks. Our goal is to have the hotel show up on the right search results to reach the right customers.

Do you have different reservation cancellation policies?

No. We follow the hotel reservation and cancelation policies the hotels establish in booking system. These policies are reflected on our websites and our customer service agents read these to customers when helping them over the phone. When mistakes happen as a result of technology, human or consumer error, we fix them fast and fairly.

How many complaints do you receive and how do you handle them?

Last year, we booked more than 2.8 million rooms and had complaints from .3% of all transactions. Our quality and error rate is among the best in the travel industry. When mistakes happen as a result of technology, human or consumer error, we fix them fast and fairly. Our goal is to eliminate any mistakes and to prevent them from happening again.

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