Maverick Stadium

Central Sports Location

With a stay near the Maverick Stadium, you receive a central location, whether you plan to visit the University of Texas Arlington, attend a Dallas Cowboys or Rangers game, or travel for business. You are near everything when you stay in hotels near the Maverick Stadium in Arlington. See a Dallas Cowboys game at the AT&T Stadium, or catch a Rangers game at the Globe Life Park. Both are less than a twelve minute drive from the University of Texas Arlington. Get to know your business clients on the greens of several nearby golf courses too.

The university’s campus is home to Maverick Stadium, built in 1979. It has 12,500 seats and is a multipurpose facility used for most campus sporting events. The University of Texas Arlington hosts track and field teams and leases out the football field to nearby schools. It typically serves as the stadium for high school football playoff games as well.

Hotels in this area are near family-friendly recreations such as Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Enjoy your surroundings with a trip to the amusement parks. Golf courses are plentiful as well. You can easily take your family or a business client out for a tee time without having to travel far.

Great Amenities

Hotels near the Maverick Stadium in Arlington provide you with on-site dining, and a relaxing atmosphere to retreat to at the end of your busy day. Particularly when you stay at hotels such as Days Inn Arlington Six Flags/ Ball Park/AT&T Stadium, the Holiday Inn Arlington NE-Rangers Ballpark, the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Six Flags, and the Courtyard Dallas Arlington South, you can count on complimentary wireless Internet, on-site dining, a pool for the family, and even an airport shuttle at some locations.

Some accommodations feature family friendly needs such as kitchenettes, pools, and even a play ground. The Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Six Flags has all of these features and allows you to save a little on your family vacation or university tour trip by cooking in your room. This particular motel serves a complimentary continental breakfast as well. The Courtyard Dallas Arlington South features an on-site restaurant, pool and adjoining rooms to make traveling with your family easier.

Getting Around

A rental car is definitely ideal when you visit Arlington. Dallas and Fort Worth are near Arlington and you can find additional recreation in these nearby cities as well. You are typically driving short distances to get to and from hotels near the Maverick Stadium in Arlington. Parking is reasonable during your travels. Some hotels, such as the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Six Flags, offer a shuttle service within five miles of the hotel. You can talk to the front desk about being dropped off at a Cowboys or Rangers game so you don’t have to worry about expensive event parking.

Additional Information

If you plan to cook in your room while you are staying in hotels near the Maverick Stadium in Arlington, Whole Foods market and Wal-Mart are near your area for grocery or snack shopping. Some hotels place you within a few minute’s drive, or about a twenty minute walk from these two particular stores. Most hotels in this area have mini-fridges so you can keep coffee creamers and other items cold.