Get more from your next trip to the Atlantic City Aquarium than just a good night’s sleep and a tour of the exhibits.  Stay at the Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and enjoy America’s Favorite Playground with...

Examine the Sea Life at Atlantic City Aquarium

The Outside Inside

Book a stay at any one of the hotels near Atlantic City Aquarium and you’ll be opening the door to a world of exploration, education, and excitement.  As part of the Historic Gardner’s Basin, the aquarium is just one of the locations built to support and preserve the beauty, history, and identity of the waterfront area, though it wouldn’t be a lie to say that it is by far one of the most dynamic of the collection.  Everything that makes the natural landscape and its inhabitant so interesting, beautiful, and unique is on display within, either as an educational exhibit in full color and sound and, in many cases, also as indoor habitat for a living example.

Among the exciting exhibits you’ll get to learn about the fish of the mid-Atlantic ocean, ocean oddities, the intricacies and nuances of the moray eels, and the many reef predators.  You can even get a hands-on experience with the stingray and tropical shark touch tanks.  Even though the aquarium is dedicated to the flora and fauna of the local area, there are exhibits to bring the world inside as well, from the tropical rainforest to the Outback of Australia to the piranha of the Amazon in South America.

Get more than just another collection of pretty fish with your room or suite at the hotels near Atlantic City Aquarium. The exhibits and areas are also home to reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals.  You can even plan an event on-site, from birthday parties to meetings to school functions.  Before you go, make sure to stop by the gift shop to get some souvenirs of your memorable adventure.

From the Inside Out

The hotels near Atlantic City Aquarium are more than just convenient.  Sure, they are only minutes from your next encounter with some amazing wildlife but none of them forwent quality for the benefit of being close by.  Get a full Vegas experience to compliment the real purpose of your trip, complete with casino games, fine on-site dining, and access to a full-service spa, at the Golden Nugget.  Expand your extended stay with the luxury of spacious suites, panoramic views of the coast from the on-site restaurant, and a state-of-the-art fitness center at the Flagship All-Suites.

Play some cards, hit the slots or catch a show with a reservation at Harrah’s Resort.  Or, put aside the need to tack on any more than you need and save a bundle of cash by booking a stay at the Knight’s Inn.  No matter how you want to play it, fully loaded at a big hotel or simple and quiet at a smaller one, you are going to love the benefits you get from the hotels near Atlantic City Aquarium.  All the services and amenities you need to ensure you enjoy every moment of your trip will be right at your fingertips, and all of it in the heart of the beauty and excitement of this amazing coastal playground.