Atlantic City, New Jersey's, Knights Inn Hotels

Anytime you go to a destination where there as many entertainment options as what you will find in Atlantic City, you need to save as much money as possible. All the Knights Inn hotels in Atlantic City provide their guests with the opportunity to have a comfortable hotel room without having to spend an arm and a leg. They have many locations that are within walking distance of the city’s best attractions or at least a short drive away.

Walk to the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Entertainment is something for which you shouldn’t have to work hard to reach. You should have the ability to get entertained without having to venture too far from your accommodations. Atlantic City knows that people come to them to get entertained and everything in this city speaks to that fact. With the Knights Inn Atlantic City/Near Boardwalk, walk to the restaurants, shops, and casinos located on or near the Boardwalk. If casinos are not your ideal attraction, it’s no problem as the beach is just as close.

Plenty to See Even a Mile From the Coast

Knights Inn Atlantic City sits on Albany Avenue. Walk to the Flyers Skate Zone and the site of the Atlantic City Seafood Festival. With comfortable shoes, you could even walk the 1.2-mile distance to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Otherwise, you’ll want to take public transportation or drive to the shops, casinos, restaurants, and other attractions along this oceanfront delight.

The possibilities are endless when you head somewhere like Atlantic City. It’s one of those destinations where you will want to come back for additional trips. You will have a full schedule of attractions on your itinerary and still have things to do when you return. Book Knights Inn hotels in Atlantic City today and discover the true wealth of things to do in this thriving oceanfront city.