Barcelona Aquarium

One of the most unique and largest attractions in Spain is the Barcelona Aquarium. Offering several aquarium settings, including the Oceanarium and the Mediterranean aquariums, you can watch unique species of ocean life in a natural habitat. From the sand tiger shark to the sandbar shark, the aquarium is home to unique creatures of which you can observe and even swim with! There are also plenty of hotels near Barcelona Aquarium in Spain to choose from.

Hotels near Barcelona Aquarium in Spain

The hotels near Barcelona Aquarium iin Spain, such as the Medinaceli hotel and the H10 Port Vell, are luxury options with comfortable accommodations just minutes from the popular attraction. Spend the day exploring the aquarium to return to your comfort suite for a relaxing rest.

Overlooking Port Vell, the H10 Port Vell offers a modern guest experience including on-site dining at the Mare Nostrum Terrace with top quality cuisine and drinks. You will find additional dining at the Hollywood Restaurant as well as Cafeteria, offering a nice variety of cuisine types. A swimming pool is also offered on the property so you can enjoy a cooling soak after a long day in the bright sunshine of Barcelona.

Located in the Gothic District of Barcelona, the Medinaceli Hotel offers you a unique accommodation option within walking distance of attractions, shopping and dining venues. There are 78 guest rooms  available on the property with options for individuals as well as families. Comfort bedding, toiletries, hairdryer, and satellite television are found in every suite. Enjoy a hot meal each morning of your stay as the hotel provides a breakfast buffet at the start of each day.

Things to Do

As you tour the Barcelona Aquarium, you will find the venue provides you with an interesting learning experience about the Mediterranean Sea.  This area is home to several ecosystems and species of creatures which are showcased over 14 different aquariums at the facility. One of the most unique aspects of the aquarium is the transparent tunnel. Walk along the 80 meter tunnel to explore the Oceanarium from the water’s depths without getting wet! The experience makes you feel as though you are walking along the sea floor with sharks and other species just inches from your body.

For an interactive experience, Explora! is a must-see. This area provides you with 50 interactive options, where you can touch, listen, see and investigate the wonders of the water. Learn more about the marches of the Ebro Delta, the caves of the Medes Islands or the Costa Brava area.

Getting Around

The aquarium is easily navigable and allows you to move about each exhibit on foot. Arrive to the facility via shuttle service from your hotel, train service or on foot, based on which hotels near Barcelona Aquarium Spain you are staying with.

Additional Info

From the aquariums to the dining and shopping of the venue, the attraction offers a lovely day out with family or friends. The property also offers unique activities such as diving with the sharks of the aquarium. When you are a certified diver, you can take advantage of this special program to actually dive with the sharks! Check out this and other activities provided by the Barcelona Aquarium when staying at one of the hotels near Barcelona Aquarium in Spain.