Hotels in Badalona, Spain

Whether you’re in search of budget-friendly lodging or a hotel that is overflowing with amenities, you’ll find that the hotels in Badalona, Spain are just what you’re looking for. The Be Dream Hostel Barcelona offers some of the cheapest rates, allowing guests to sleep in dorm rooms with a shared bathroom. Travelers can use the kitchen to prepare their own meals, sit down at the computer terminal to work, or sign-up for a complimentary walking tour. Spend a little more for the Rafaelhoteles Badalona and you’ll get beds that are longer in length and windows that are wide enough to allow extra sunlight in. You can even rent one of the electric bicycles to explore Badalona on. Another option is to bring your pets for a night at the Ibis Barcelona Santa Coloma. The front desk sells bus tickets, while the 24-hour bar provides a spot for chatting with other hotel guests. Finally, the NH Barcelona La Maquinista is the best hotel for a room with a view. At night, vacationers can see the 4,500 colored lights that shine brightly at the Agbar Tower from the comfort of their guest rooms.

Things to Do

There is plenty to see and do from the hotels in Badalona, Spain. First, guests can take a tour of Casa Batllo before shopping and dining at La Maquinista. Then, travelers will want to admire the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which was built by none other than Antoni Gaudi. Lastly, vacationers can buy tickets to see a concert at Palau Municipal d’Esports de Badalona.

Getting Around Barcelona

When you’re ready to leave your stay at the hotels in Badalona, Spain and head to the city center, you’ll find a few transportation options at your disposal. The cheapest is to take a bus or subway train, however, a taxi provides direct service. Of course, renting a car allows you to travel at your own pace, even though it costs a bit more.