Book your stay in the luxurious Hotel Oasis, on Plà de Palau 17 Barcelona, Barcelona, 08003, Spain. You are within a thirteen minute walk of the Barceloneta Beach. You can easily have a beach day without a long...

Barceloneta Beach

Attractions and Things to Do

Looking for a great location in Barcelona? Book your stay in hotels near Barceloneta Beach in Spain. You are near to dining, shopping, and additional recreation as well as all the enjoyment found at the beach itself.  You are less than a five minute walk to gorgeous Barceloneta Beach but you won’t have to pay beachfront prices to enjoy it. Hotels near Barceloneta Beach in Spain, such as the H10 Port Vell, Hotel Del Mar, and the Hotel Oasis wrap you in luxury and offer you quality amenities. These include a gorgeous on-site pool with breathtaking city views, and a hot breakfast buffet. You can relax and soak up the Spanish sun in style.

You can easily take that midnight walk on the beach after a delicious dinner in downtown and still be within walking distance to your luxurious stay. These hotels also offer a laundry service which can be a hassle to find when you are traveling internationally. Wireless Internet is also a standard so you can plan out your day of sightseeing or get walking directions if you plan to explore.

You can do more than go for a swim when you spend the day at the Barceloneta Beach.  Windsurfing and kite surfing are popular at the location. The nearby beach huts offer refreshing beverages to help you stay hydrated during your day of fun in the sun. Sailing is a popular activity as well. You can charter boats out of the Port and plan a day of exploration on the water.

Delicious dining is everywhere in downtown. Be sure that you take some time to explore the local restaurants around your hotel and the beach. Can Paixano, onCarrer de la Reina Cristina, 708003 Barcelona, is a great option to try local cuisine. It has a delightful atmosphere for a night out on the town and serves traditional Catalan and Spanish tapas with great pairing cocktails or sparkling wines.

Getting Around

The hotels near Barceloneta Beach in Spain place you in a unique downtown location. You won’t need a rental car if you don’t mind walking short distances. You can walk a few minutes to the beach, dining out, and recreation, such as the Museu D’Història De Catalunya, on Palau de Mar, Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.  Take a short walk to the Metro station also, so you have easy access to the rest of downtown.

The hotels near Barceloneta Beach in Spain, particularly the H10 Port Vell, Hotel Oasis, Hotel Del Mar and the Pullman Barcelona Skipper, offer you great flexible transportation options.  The yellow line is typically the fastest to get you to the beach. The metro runs Monday-Sunday 7am-11:30 pm and about every seven minutes. If you prefer a rental car during your stay in Barcelona, you should definitely park it for the day at your hotel because the beach is so close and parking near the beach can be expensive if you plan to stay there all day.