Boqueria Market

Attractions and Things to Do

Stay in hotels near the Boqueria Market in Barcelona and experience the day-to-day life of Barcelona. At the Boqueria Market you can see and hear all the excitement and gossip of the every day life that the locals bring. The market place is the center of daily life. It is the place to socialize as well as shop. It is the best location to experience the culture of Barcelona while you are traveling. Shop keepers bring their fresh produce to be sold or traded. Here is where you’ll see locals from all over the surrounding towns. They bring with them laughter, gossip, and delicious local produce to feed the mind as well as the stomach. The terrific smells and colors of the produce and goods bought and sold at the Boqueria Market awakens your senses as you stroll through the stalls.

The Boqueria Market is placed on La Rambla and geographically positioned to attract the most pedestrian shoppers. Large numbers of shoppers travel through the market each day. It began with smaller stalls that would accumulate near the old city walls (Pla de la Boqueria) where fruits, vegetables, and meats were sold by farmers. Today the Boqueria Market is an enormous place to shop and a lively reference point for what’s going on in the city. Consequently, when you stay in the hotels near the Boqueria Market Barcelona you have the most convenient exposure to the culture of Barcelona as well as a central location near recreation and dining.


Delicious cuisine is everywhere when you stay in hotels near Boqueria Market in Barcelona. Fresh produce from the market is exquisitely transformed into delectable treats that are sure to delight your palate as well as integrate you into the local culture. Be sure and try out Dostrece Restaurant, on Carrer Carme, 40, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. They are well known for their jazz and blues music as well as their tapas and great pairing cocktails. The El Quim De La Boqueria, on Mercado de La Boqueria, Les Rambles, 91, 08002 Barcelona, Spain, is also worth your while if you are looking for a great place to relax and enjoy local favorites.

Getting Around

Staying in hotels near the Boqueria Market in Barcelona also provides you with the convenience of not renting a car during your stay. Most things such as dining and recreation are within a 5-10 minute walk from your hotel. In fact you should save yourself the expense of a rental car all together and take advantage of the public system. The metro system is quite efficient and stops are throughout the city. The closest metro station is Liceu, only a minutes’ walk down La Rambla from the Boqueria Market.

Additional Info

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