Casa Mila

A Truly Singular Design

If you have read up on the various landmarks available in the beautiful city of Barcelona, you may have seen the name Antoni Gaudi more than once.  His name is attached to many of the larger and more famous attractions in the area and with very good reason.  Though there are plenty of excellent examples of unique architecture in Europe and even some in the city that aren’t attributed to Gaudi, there is something special about his work.  With a stay at any of the fine hotels near Casa Mila in Barcelona, you will get the opportunity to combine a very comfortable and high quality hotel experience with convenience to the last of his civil works.  Known locally as La Pedrera, or the Quarry, this particular design is notable for its innovation.

Details like an underground garage and a roof topped with an array of staircase exits, skylights and chimneys set it apart from even the designer’s other works.  It is actually two buildings in one with two courtyards built in the center and was created with the social interaction of its residents in mind, an ideal that enforced by the clever placement of the elevators.  Though it fell into disrepair prior to the 1980s, it has been fully restored and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Its significance and impact can be seen in the design of other buildings like the Einstein Tower and the Disney Concert Hall.  Though you shouldn’t limit yourself to only one of Antoni Guadi’s works while you’re visiting, if you had to, booking a room or suite at the hotels near Casa Mile Barcelona would certainly be an excellent choice.

And a Stay Like No Other

As you might have guessed, the hotels near Casa Mila in Barcelona are equally as breathtaking and unique as the attraction they are so very close to.  And if you are going to spend you days exploring such rich and historic architecture, you should spend your nights as richly.  Whether you decide the Suites Avenue, with its luxury apartments and on-site museum, is the right choice for you or you’d rather throw in some elegant pampering with the spa at the Omm, you are going to love every minute of your trip.

The choices don’t stop as those two vey excellent entries either.  Just as close to La Pedrera, the Hotel Royal Passeig de Gracia is the pinnacle of 4-star hotel treatment with a beautiful outdoor garden space, 24-hour reception and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access.  Similarly named but yet another high-class option for your stay is the Passeig de Gracia, a collection of spacious and fully functional apartments only minutes from the best attractions giving you the chance to live like a local while you explore the city.  Each and every one of the hotels near Casa Mila in Barcelona is at the same time a completely unique and fresh experience for your to enjoy as well as a common collection of ideally located hot spots to ensure you next trip to Barcelona is everything you hope it will be and so much more.