Casino Barcelona

If you are traveling to Barcelona, you may want to consider staying at one of the many excellent hotels near Casino Barcelona. From hostels to the finest luxury accommodations, there are plenty of options. Stay near the casino, right on the beach, or a few blocks inland, closer to the old center city. Either way, you’ll find that there are plenty of things to do and see in a city as old and as beautiful as Barcelona.

Beautiful Surroundings

You’ll want to make sure to spend some time relaxing at the beach. The beautiful Mediterranean Sea has been featured in stories, poems, and songs for the last couple of thousand years, and you’ll understand why when you are enjoying the sun and waves. Several of the hotels near Casino Barcelona have sea view rooms so you can contemplate the sea to your heart’s content!

Enjoying Casino Barcelona

Of course, you will want to spend some time in the casino itself. The historic setting, innovative slot machines, and gaming tables, as well as the friendly service make Casino Barcelona one of the most popular attractions in the city. In addition to gaming, you might enjoy a musical performance, a futbol game on a big screen, or dancing for hours.

There is no reason to go hungry while you are having fun at the casino, either! The casino buffet, along with two other restaurants, offer food to suit any taste. If you want a drink, there are two bars, one featuring a wide variety of wines, and the other called “All Drinks” where you can get just about any sort of drink you want.

Additional Attractions Nearby

Near Casino Barcelona, you will find the oldest park in the city, Parc de la Ciutadella. The lake, the walking paths and the beautiful gardens, have made this park a favorite from its first day until present times. Enjoying a picnic or a stroll at the park will give you a chance to watch people and enjoy Barcelona in a calm and relaxed way.

One of the most famous architects of all time left an impressive legacy in Barcelona. Antonio Gaudi’s masterpiece is La Sagrada Familia, and you will not find another building like it anywhere in the world. Gaudi’s work is difficult to describe, but whimsical and fantastical are adjectives that are often evoked. Casa Batllo is now a museum so visitors can get a close up look at the master’s work.

Whether you choose a hostel with a shared room so that you have a truly authentic European experience, or you prefer the most exclusive luxury room you can find, you won’t have trouble finding food and fun to fill your time. Several of the hotels near Casino Barcelona have multiple restaurants on-site, and even the hostels are usually attached to cafes. When you can look forward to a comfortable bed and a delicious meal, you can relax and enjoy your visit even more.