The Eurostars BCN Design, located on the Paseo de Gracia, provides luxury, outstanding service, and beauty. Designed for those who love art, design, and sophistication, this Eurostars Hotel offers a different kind...

Eurostars Hotels

Experience the Beauty and History of Barcelona

The family of Eurostars Hotels in Barcelona, Spain add an extra facet of luxury and beauty to any trip to the city. Each one is decorated in sleek decor and furnishings adding a touch of  beauty to you stay as well as individual character. You can expect outstanding service, comfort, and long lists of amenities and services in any of the Eurostars hotels.

Barcelona is an old city, with a well-developed, rich cultural heritage. Throughout the centuries its location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, has helped it maintain a worldly cosmopolitan atmosphere. The Eurostars Hotels in Barcelona reflect that character. Each one features plenty of windows for wonderful natural light, but the Eurostars Cristal Palace may incorporate the Mediterranean sunshine best of them all.

La Rambla, in the heart of Barcelona, is a world famous thoroughfare, and Eurostars Ramblas is situated along it. La Rambla, which is sometimes called Las Ramblas, is divided into five parts, each with a distinct character and particular offerings. The Eurostars Rambla has reflected the boulevard inside the hotel by dedicating a level to each section: the scholars, flowers, Capuchin monks, fountains, and Santa Monica.

One of the most famous people associated with Barcelona is Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi designed buildings that are unlike any other in the world, and left an indelible mark on the city. Perhaps his most famous work was La Sagrada Familia, the Hotel Eurostars Monumental is located near the famed church, and is designed to pay homage to the master architect.

Regardless of which of the Eurostars Hotels in Barcelona, Spain you choose, you’ll discover that dedication to service makes a difference. Comfortable beds, excellent amenities, and plush surroundings are only part of the equation resulting in an excellent trip. Professional staff members who work hard to make your stay the best it can be add the final touch!