Where The Grass Is Greener

A room or suite at the hotels near Horta-Guinardo Barcelona may get you into the third largest district in the city but don’t let that fool you into thinking you are going to be staying in just another busy urban area.  Set off up to the upper northwest of the city, the district of Horta-Guinardo is easily the greenest of its brethren and one that has, probably more than any other, resisted the full effects of time.  Within its confines you can find direct links to the past, so much so that you may feel like you actually stepped back into history as you walk its streets.

The various neighborhoods that make it up, like El Carmel and La Clota, are rich with architecture that will delight historians and casual observers alike.  The old village, independent from Barcelona until 1904, still looks much the way it always did, with narrow streets and quaint squares of buildings.  And, of course, the parks.  Broad stretches of green in scattered among the streets and businesses, offering a respite from even the moderate modernization of the district.  Talk a slow walk along Parc de Colliserola or the impressive Parc del Laberint and let your mind wander as nature dazzles you with her best performances.

When you are feeling more at peace, come back to the present with a visit to the Velodrom d’Horta, a major cycle racing track of the city, or stop at one of the local landmarks like the Pavilion of the Republic, the Museum of Carriages or museum dedicated to the works of Maestro Palmero.  And balancing all the serene beauty and history that comes with your stay at the hotels near Horta-Guinardo Barcelona is the rest of Barcelona itself, so close by, and filled with amazing shopping, dining and nightlife.

Serenity Within Serenity

The only thing better than getting the chance to spend the night in a district known for its natural beauty is finding a hotel that only further empowers that sense of peace and quiet.  But why stop there?  Why not take that guarantee of the inside matching the outside and ramp it up with the power of variety.  Enjoy a luxury stay in a truly boutique hotel at the Gran Hotel La Florida where you can get full spa services, access to a stainless steel pool, and a bed coated in Egyptian cotton sheets.  Next up, you could make a reservation at the Hotel Alimara and get the benefit of an on-site breakfast buffet restaurant, a full restaurant and bar with its own terrace, and free high-speed wireless Internet access.  Or you could enjoy the beauty of the district like a true local with a colorful and quaint stay at the Nice & Cozy hostel.  Finally, for an economic stay with the added bonus of free Internet and an on-site pool, let the Catalonia Park Guell be your home away from home.  Whatever your pleasure, whatever your needs, the hotels near Horta-Guinardo Barcelona are the perfect solution.