Mollet Del Valles


Going to hotels in Mollet Del Valles, Spain will put you in a position where you’re close to the city of Barcelona. They have history stretching all the way back to the 10th century. Back then, they depended on the bishop of Barcelona. The Romanic church of Santa Maria is the only site remaining from Mollet’s medieval past. There were conflicts associated with the limited amount of churches in the area from the 15th to 18th century. Walking through the city streets, you will see all of the people who have come and gone in this city and left their mark along the way.


Hotels in Mollet Del Valles, Spain put you in close proximity to St. Fost’s Church and the Abello Museum. People who like art history will love going to this museum because there are so many breathtaking works of art within those walls. Artists regularly donate their collections to this museum and they also have exhibits where amateur artists can display their pieces on a regular basis. You could come back to this museum after being gone for a long time and see some things you never saw before.


Traveling from Mollet Del Valles, Spain you can go from the Autopista AP-7 to all of the other cities along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, including Barcelona. While you might be staying in one city, you might want to hop in your chosen transportation and head down the coast. You could set up shop in each of the cities you find yourself in along your route. You could spend all day driving and still drive back to the city in which you were staying. There’s no reason why you should stay in one city for the entire duration of your trip. You have the option to go wherever you want as long as you choose any one of the hotels in Mollet Del Valles, Spain.