Barcelona Olympic Foundation

There are many reasons why the Olympic Summer Games of 1992 were significant for the great city that hosted them and a room or suite at the hotels near Barcelona Olympic Foundation gives you a comfortable place to stay while you discover them for yourself.  It was more than fitting when Barcelona was chosen as the host for the Summer Games as it was the birthplace of Juan Antonio Samaranch, the president of the International Olympic Committee at the time.

The city honored the games by being the ideal host, providing a beautiful backdrop for every event and, in reverse, the arrival of the games enhanced Barcelona, creating investments that improved the quality of life in the area and even pushing forward an ambitious urban plan that had been lingering in committee.  It was the last year the Summer and Winter games were held in the same year and the first Games without protest due to the end of the Cold War.

Some of the more notable highlights included the first time the NBA was allowed to play in the basketball competition, the first time since 1964 that Germany sent a unified team,  and the year South Africa was once again allowed to compete after a 32 year absence due to the practice of apartheid.  It’s no wonder that the foundation was created to preserve the memory of these Games and their impact on the city that hosted them.

Comfortable and Convenient

If you are choosing from among the hotels near Barcelona Olympic Foundation, you aren’t only giving yourself the benefit of having convenience to the foundation but also the chance to enjoy some of the highest quality of comfort provided to visitors to this great city.  Bask in all the attention and hospitality that comes with standard with staying at a nationally successful branch by choosing the Crowne Plaza.

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There is so much history and importance to be discovered and appreciated in Barcelona, especially regarding the impact of the Summer Games of 1992.  Let the hotels near Barcelona Olympic Foundation help you make the most of your next trip and then send you home with a lifetime of incredible memories.