Even with tickets to an amazing show at the Palau Sant Jordi, you are going to have moments where you aren’t busy.  Make the most of that downtime with the comfortable accommodations, delicious restaurant and...

Palau Sant Jordi

World Class Entertainment

When a building is designed for the sole purpose of supporting the Olympics, you can guarantee that no expense is spared and design is as important as function.  Book a room or suite at any one of the excellent and convenient hotels near Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and you will be right up close to an event venue that started as world class and only went up from there.  Designed by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki explicitly for the upcoming 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, it is one of a series of buildings, which include the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Esplanade, and Sant Jordi Club, that are collectively known as the Olympic Ring.

In the two years before its driving purpose occurred, it shone as a venue for concerts and city events.  For the Olympics, it hosted gymnastic competitions, handball finals, volleyball games and was the main site for the Paralympics.  If there was any concern that the location would fall to disuse once those memorable games were over, they were quickly eradicated by a calendar that filled up instantly and remains full of world-class events to this day.

Continuing in the realm of Sports, the venue has hosted World Indoor Championships, European Basketball Championships and the 2014 Basketball World Cup.  Expanding beyond sports, it has also been home to unforgettable concerts by the likes of Coldplay, Iron Maiden and Lady Gaga. Additional acts that have performed there include Rihanna, Sir Elton John, and 30 Seconds to Mars.  Become part of the next big event and discover how a single venue can be both beautifully designed and incredibly welcoming when you stay at the hotels near Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

World Class Comfort

As mind-blowing as the schedule of events may be at the arena, the hotels near Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona are equally as attractive.  And even better, they aren’t just attractive, and full of all the kinds of services and amenities you love to have when you’re away from home, they also provide the perfect blend of variety to support whatever you may have in mind.

Enjoy a truly comfortable extended stay at the Aparthotel BCN Montjuic where you can reserve full apartments with all the conveniences of home.  Revel in the quality and attention to detail that comes with staying at a global brand at the Crowne Plaza and get little extras that matter a lot like on-site Nanny services.  Get four-star comfort at the Ayre with its on-site restaurant an bar or give yourself something truly unique with the Wine and Gin Tonic Center at the HCC Lugano.

The choice is completely yours and no matter which direction you decide to go in, rest assured that you will wake up well-rested minutes from the front doors of your next event at the arena.  Get as much from your hotel stay as your concert or sporting event when you book with the hotels near Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.