People who stay at hotels in Rubi, Spain will tell you that their experience was far more impressive than they thought coming into their trip. Rubi Spain is one of those cities that’s impressive, even if it’s just for relaxation it provides to the people who decide to stay in it.

Things to do in Rubi

While Rubi is smaller than most cities in Spain, it more than makes up for its lack of size with its history. From the moment you leave your room at one of the hotels in Rubi, Spain, you will be able to see things that you will not only want to photograph, but also venture inside of as well. Some nearby attractions include Bar Llamas, Golf Sant Joan, Bar Actual and Fruteria Mary.

The Sports

Surprisingly, hockey is the biggest sport for people who live in Rubi. There was a club that was established during the 1992 Summer Olympics and ever since people have been playing it on a regular basis. The passion that people have about other sports is something that’s worth noting. Since Barcelona was the sight of the dominant campaign of the 1992 Olympic Dream team, the country of Spain has been becoming increasingly more interested in basketball as well.

The Transportation

Getting from point A to point B will not be a problem if you’re staying at hotels in Rubi, Spain. There’s a bustling public transportation system in this city that takes you to wherever you need to go. The attractions in the city are plenty for most people, but if you want to head into Barcelona for the day, all you need to do is hop on one of their railcars and make your way into town.