Sabadell Spain

Who said that vacations had to start in one destination and stay there the entire time? Vacations can start anywhere and go anywhere. With hotels in Sabadell Spain, you will start out your journey in a city that’s approximately 12 miles from Barcelona and has a lot to offer.

This part of the country has history that stretches back to Roman times. Ever since that time, people have come and gone that have left their mark.

Things to Do in Sabadell

Having the opportunity to look at great architectural curiosities adds an extra layer of enjoyment to people’s trips. The time that they spend at hotels in Sabadell Spain makes it much easier for them to accomplish this goal.

Sabadell held an extremely important role in Spain’s wool industry. As a result, you’ll find many woolen mills in the area, some are still in operation today. After a tour of these historic mills, Sabadell is home to an art museum, a history museum, and many parks where outdoor festivals and performing arts take place. If you want more to do, head into Barcelona and its neighboring cities in the area to see additional points of interest.

The Sports

Spain is a country that has a rich sports heritage. Much of the soccer that took place during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics happened in Sabadell. Nova Creu Alta stadium is where Centre d’Esports Sabadell plays. This team has a high level of importance in this town, but a number of other teams that play within their city limits. Talk to the staff at hotels in Sabadell Spain about securing tickets to one of these games.

The Transportation

Getting to and from hotels in Sabadell Spain is made easy thanks to the proximity to the C-58. If you don’t want to rent a car at Barcelona’s airport, there is a smaller airport in Sabadell that hosts air taxi and helicopter flights. As an alternative, you may prefer to take the train to one of Sabadell’s three stations: Sabadell Centre, Sabadell North, and Sabadell South. There is also bus service between Sabadell, Barcelona, and more than a dozen other towns.