Three Star Hotels

Save When You Stay

Three star hotels in Barcelona, Spain, have more amenities than you’d expect and rates that are pleasantly surprising. You can take the money that you would have spent at more costly hotel and put it towards other parts in your trip budget, such as restaurants and attractions.  And that’s a very good thing considering how well placed every one of the hotels that falls in to this category happens to be.  If location is as important to you as economy than the three star hotels in Barcelona Spain are exactly what you are looking for.  And don’t think for a second that saving money means you won’t get anything but four walls and a bed.  These hotels still offer on-site services that will keep you comfortable and give you the chance to enjoy your time at the hotel as much as you as in Barcelona itself.

And Still Love Your Options

It’s hard not to worry that making the choice to save money and go with the three star hotels in Barcelona, Spain will mean you aren’t going to get a very good selection of places to choose from.  Fortunately, with options like the Hesperia Del Port, just five minutes from Las Ramblas, and NH La Maquinista with its free wireless Internet, on-site dining and indoor parking, you are going to find that trying to decide which to choose will be the real challenge.  Perhaps a stay at the Balmes, where you can swim in a garden embraced pool and see a collection of African art would suit you perfectly.  Maybe you would find the Mercure Alberta, located near multiple Metro stops, to be just what you need.  Pull out all the stops in an effort to have the best trip possible and book three star hotels in Barcelona, Spain.