Barcelona Wax Museum

You don’t even have to be a regular visitor to the city of Barcelona to appreciate that it holds a lot of opportunity to be wowed down almost every street and around every corner.  Between the beautiful architecture of enormous historic buildings, incredible sporting events in enormous venues, and art museum with wall-to-wall exhibits of famous paintings, photographs and sculptures, there is little doubt you will walk away with a lifetime of memories in just one trip.  Before you settle your itinerary on just the normal collection of landmarks and attractions, make a reservation at one of the hotels near the Barcelona Wax Museum and add something completely unique to your experience.

About the Museum

Inside this museum, history, culture and fantasy are frozen in lifelike figures, waiting to educate, entertain and astound you for hours on end.  From famous political figures to iconic movie characters to artists, martyrs, and inventors, there is something for everyone waiting inside and all of it such incredible detail you will feel like you have stepped into another world by stepping through its doors.  After you have seen everything in the main museum, move to the Passatge del temps, or the Passage of Time, to observe the kind of art that both boggles the mind and expands the spirit, a truly once in a lifetime visual experience.  Before you go, take a moment to relax and get a delicious drink or snack at the Bosc del las fades, or fair of the forest, the fairy café located right in the museum.  Surrounding by curious mythical creatures and enveloped in a fantasy world, you will put the perfect cap on a perfect day.

A Place You Can Call Home

When you aren’t being whisked away to another world or time, you will be relaxing in the kind of comfort you thought you could only find at home at the hotels near Barcelona Wax Museum.  Matching the unique quality of the museum so close by and the consistent beauty and charm of the city all around them, these hotels give you the chance to pick and choose your experience while ensuring that no matter which decision you make, you are going to love every minute of it.  Get a free breakfast with Internet access for a reasonable nightly rate at the Pillow Ramblas.  Ramp up your elegance with a gorgeous stay loaded with services at the Eurostars Ramblas.

Set yourself right down in the middle of the impressive Gothic District by staying in what was original the palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli and get a friendly welcome that includes a fruit basket at the Medinaceli.  Or spend the evening under the stars in the solarium after working out in the state of the art gym at the Arc la Ramblas.  There isn’t a wrong choice with the hotels near Barcelona Wax Museum and the most important thing they share in common, other than a dedication to the quality of your stay, is the perfect location for making the most of the city.