Regardless of age, pools are one of the best things about staying at a hotel. Even small motels with minimal pools can be relaxing, but great ones are fun for kids and paradise for adults. Here are a few hotels that blow the others out of the water, no pun intended.

Most thrilling: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada

Few pools are as impressive as Mandalay Bay Beach at the Mandalay Bay resort. With thousands of pounds of sand and millions of gallons of water, it’s hard to believe th at the resort is in a desert. It’s got a lazy river with inner-tubes for rent which is fun for kids and adults. During the summer, the pool hosts concerts—what gets better than music and the beach?


If that’s not enough, the hotel has the Shark Reef Aquarium, where visitors can pet stingrays, feed turtles, and dive with sharks. Who would have thought “swimming with the fishes” could be a good thing?




Best style: Millennium Biltmore, Los Angeles, California


Step into history and glamor at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles. When it was built in 1923, it was the largest hotel west of Chicago, and it still maintains the charm of the 20s. The whole hotel has gorgeous fountains, paintings and ornate wall carvings, but the pool is one of the best spots. The roman styled pool, with intricate tiling, is sure to thrill any art and history lover.

Even better, the Millennium Biltmore has a great central location in Los Angeles. Museums and the Walt Disney Concert Hall are all within walking distance.




Best for kids: Pink Shell Beach Resort, Fort Meyers Beach, Florida


The pool at Pink Shell Beach Resort features three separate pools, including the “Octopool” which has a giant arch with an even bigger octopus on it. Kids will love the fact that the octopus’ eyes light up at night, and parents will love that kids of any age can be entertained, since the pool has a variety of depths for different ages.


In addition, the resort offers kayak rentals, sailing lessons and more to enjoy the ocean right by the resort.




Best service: The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado


This hotel offers amazing amenities from golf courses, to excellent dining and more—the service at The Broadmoor will have all its guests feeling like royalty. The resort offers three different pools—one infinity pool that looks like it leads straight to the neighboring Cheyenne Lake. It also has two waterslides to entertain. There are also whirlpools and a tranquil indoor pool.







Most versatile: Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Maui, Hawaii


It might seem counterintuitive to focus on a pool while surrounded by the ocean, but the pool at the Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Hotel shows that the ocean and a pool can be equally fun. The pool is composed of nine different pools, with rapids pools, waterslides, waterfalls, caves and a rope swing. It also has the world’s only water elevator, which is exactly what it sounds like—an elevator that carries guests up different levels within the pool.

For a more peaceful experience, the Grand Wailea has the Hibiscus Pool, which is only open to adults. It is named for a beautiful hibiscus flower made out of tiles at the bottom of the pool.



Best view: Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa, Paradise Valley, Arizona

The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa is the perfect spot for relaxation and nature combined. Arizona can get seriously hot, but with the hotel’s infinity pool, visitors can stay perfectly comfortable. The pool has shaded cabanas, but what really makes this pool stand out is its views. The resort is surrounded by towering red rocks and mountains, all of which are in sight of the pool.

In addition, the hotel has great spa services and hiking trails that are practically in its backyard, and that combination is sure to keep everyone happy.


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