In a city that exudes historical significance on every corner, mixing the importance of the past with the hip vibe of the present, you are going to want to stay somewhere that does the same.  The Boston Hotel Buckminster...
Don’t just find a room to sleep in when you head to Boston to visit Kenmore Square.  Upgrade your experience to the next level and then kick it up one more level from there with a genuine luxury stay in the Hotel...

Don't Miss the Action in Kenmore Square

Not The Least Bit Square at All

You are going to want to take some time to look into the hotels near Kenmore Square Boston.  The hotels themselves, just on their own, are worth taking the time to get to know, but it’s the square that should really get your attention.  At the intersection of Commonwealth and Beacon, it’s right in the heart of all things that matter in Beantown and remains a go-to spot for both locals and tourists.  It started its existence rather quietly, as a patch of swampland created by the run off of Charles River into the Back Bay.  As the city grew up around it, it was pulled into Brookline at first, due to boundary lines, and was home to only young roads and new railroad lines.

In 1874, when Brighton became one with Boston, the lines were redrawn and the square was pulled in as well.  A few years later, streetcar tracks were laid through it, and in 1912 the Kenmore Apartments were built up on its corner.  From there, the city did what every city does and grew. Today, the hotels near Kenmore Square Boston will get your access to more than just a bit of old swampland.  You’ll be minutes from the hustle and bustle of a compact area of delicious local cuisine, premium, and completely unique shopping and hot nightlife all watched over by the well-known Citgo sign that appears in the background of every televised Red Sox game.  The square is even famous for being noted in the songs of big bands like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones who lament the closing of the excellent Rathskeller.  With a history like that, with a present so hot, this square is anything but square.

Keep Close to the Action

You’ll find enough hubbub to get hot about that you are going to want to stay as close to the action as possibly can.  Fortunately, the hotels near Kenmore Square Boston will give the chance to do just that.  And what’s even better, they will do so while offering you some seriously attractive services and amenities to up the thrill of your already excellent adventure.

Pump up the historic significance of your visit with a reservation at the Boston Hotel Buckminster.  Built in 1897, it is one of the oldest hotels in the city and takes that sense of the past and honors it with full upgrades that will offer you the best perks of modern hospitality.  Or, you could get all posh and elegant with a luxury stay at the Hotel Commonwealth where you will get the advantage of in-room spa services and an on-site boutique shop.  Want to amp up the rock and roll feel of your trip?  Book with the Verb Hotel and find out where all the action is.  Or, head back to a choice in luxury in elegance with the Eliot and enjoy on-site meals at a sushi bar rated one of the best in the city.