Contemporary and centrally located, the Wyndham Boston Beacon Hill is ideal for whatever kind of trip you are making into the city.  With free high-speed wireless Internet, 5,600 square feet of event space, and...
Another excellent boutique hotel that has roots back to the turn of the 20th century, Fifteen Beacon sets itself apart by offering a twist on the standard steakhouse at the delightfully named Mooo, private dining...
Built in 1904, the Boxer is a completely one-of-a-kind boutique hotel between the North End and Beacon Hill in the historic Bullfinch Triangle of the West End.  With fine on-site dining, best-in-class standard...

West End Boston is Home to Bullfinch Triangle's Entertainment

Make More of Your Trip

There are many reasons you might be looking to book a room or suite at the hotels near West End Boston.  Perhaps you have business with the Massachusetts General Hospital, which dominates a large portion of the neighborhood, or with the buildings in the south end dubbed by the locals as Government Center.  Maybe you are interested in touring the historic architecture of Bullfinch Triangle, named after the architect who designed so many of the neighborhood’s original buildings, or the renovations of the Charles Street Jail that turned it into the Liberty Hotel.  Possibly, you are simply heading to a game at the TD Garden or visiting the exhibits at the Museum of Science or New England Sports Museum.  No matter what the goal of your trip may be, learning a bit more about the West End’s history will help change your appreciation of your journey and possibly open your eyes to things you would not have seen before.

An Important Piece of Local History

Near the turn of the 19th century, with the North End and Waterfront becoming more and more populated, the well-to-do of Boston looked to the West End as a less crowded place to settle down.  With mansions being designed by Charles Bullfinch, the neighborhood was soon full of wealthy occupants in large homes, but it wasn’t long before they migrated toward Beacon Hill.  As they did and because so many of them were in favor of the abolishment of slavery, a large African American community rose up in the West End, and it became one of the few places in the country at the end of the 1800s where they had a political voice.

As time marched on, the area attracted immigrants and blue-collar residents and became a hub of working class residents and small businesses.  It is the loss of this community that the area is most historically famous for.  In the 1950s, an urban renewal program evicted more than 2,700 families to make way for more modern buildings and businesses and, to this day, the repercussions are still felt by locals who experienced it.  Fortunately, there are still examples of that original culture and community, and one of the best reasons to book a hotel near West End in Boston is to search them out.  A good example is the Haymarket, an outdoor bazaar that has been in operation since the 1800s where you can pick up locally grown produce.

A Variety of Options

The hotels near West End Boston offer as much variety as the neighborhood itself.  Enjoy a luxury stay at the Onyx Hotel or the Fifteen Beacon and pamper yourself with services and amenities fit for royalty.  Go contemporary at the Wyndham with its modern décor and top-notch business services or get a little history with your reservation at the Boxer.  Each and every one of these hotels adds something a little different but equally exceptional, mirroring the character and charm of the neighborhood they are in.