Business as usual. Traveling for business can often be seen as a necessary burden, and often just what we don’t want to do. Frankly it can be tiring and stressful navigating long-term parking, airports, crowds of travelers of all kind, and accommodations.However, staying at the right hotel can help make the experience better and give you some piece of mind that your needs will be met, and you can have some time just for you.

Still the number one concern business travelers have is reliable internet access. In fact, 2016 research by the GBTA Foundation, part of the Global Business Travel Association, reported between 64 and 69 percent of business travelers say they would book a room directly with a hotel through its website or app if they were able to get free Wi-Fi or high-speed Internet access.

The best places for business travelers are locations that include full-service business centers and free wifi connectivity. They are close to business districts and have some of the extras like executive lounges and added space for meetings. A Condé Nast Traveler article underscored tech for business travelers and where to find it.

According to the same GBTA study, the most commonly indicated amenities desired most by business travelers are more regular outlets and USB outlets (35 percent), then the perk of streaming services (34 percent) came next, followed by in-room chargers for laptops and phones (32 percent). Keyless or mobile room entry and smart TVs with Internet access were next on the list.