Modern Comforts and Ancient Wonders with Hotels near Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza draws in more than 1.2 million tourists each year to explore its temples, walk its paths and peer into its depths. As one of the most popular archaeological and outdoor attractions in Mexico, the ruins of a civilization lost to time enchant and mystify like few sites in the world. Hotels near Chichen Itza offer easy access to this popular area while providing a wealth of modern amenities and pampering perks that are sure you leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed throughout your stay.

Experience the Past with Hotels near Chichen Itza

From the luxurious to the simple, you’ll find an array of hotels nearby to fit any preference or price range. Whether you’re planning a short day trip from your vacation in Cancun or looking to leave the bustles of the modern world behind for a week or two, these hotels are some of the highest rated in the area.

The Lodge at Chichen Itza: Located in the heart of the park, nestled within 100 acres of beautiful gardens, paths and traditional themed decor, this hotel is the newest hotel in the area. As a premium boutique hotel, this is the perfect choice for anyone wanting access to the absolute best services and amenities during your stay. Guests enjoy a private entrance to the Mayan temples to avoid the crowds during peak tourist seasons.

Hotel Chichen Itza: Just a short distance from the temples and ruins in nearby Piste, this newly-renovated hotel is also one of the most affordable. Nestled in the center of the town, you’ll find dining, shopping, and more steps from your door. Piste’s taco stands are a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike. If you’re looking for a mix of history, culture, and city life, this hotel is ideal.

Hacienda Chichen Resort & Yaxkin Spa: As the premiere eco-friendly resort near the temples and ruins, this property offers a wealth of holistic spa services, gracious accommodations, and beautiful views with an emphasis on nurturing the environment as well as the guest. It’s also one of the only pet-friendly hotels near Chichen Itza, making it especially popular with families. From locally farmed, organic ingredients in the kitchen to special entrance to the pyramids through the hotel’s garden entrance, the hotel offers an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Villas Arquelogicas Chichen Itza: With affordable pricing, free Wi-FI, a sparkling outdoor pool and an on-site library dedicated to the nearby ruins, this hotel offers outstanding value for travelers on a budget. Less than 10 minutes from the El Castillo, the hotel features one of the best locations for walking to Chichen Itza.

From the waters of Cenote Sagrado to the depths of the Caves of Balankanche, hotels near Chichen Itza are your ticket to beating the crowds and making the most of your visit to this popular archaeological attraction. Steps from your door, you’ll find more than a millennium of history waiting for you to explore.