Gorilax Jungle Park

Hotels near Gorilax Jungle Park in Cancun

Visiting Cancun would not be complete without some type of outdoor adventure. The area is lush with tropical jungles, beaches, and the Caribbean Sea, making it easy for you to find some type of activity to enjoy. Gorilax Jungle Park is a top choice among tourists to the area, as this attraction offers a nice mix of activities. From zip lining to ATV excursions, you’ll be able to spend days enjoying a variety of adventurous activity. Hotels near Gorilax Jungle Park in Cancun, such as Jolie Jungle and Casa Cenote Popol Vuh can offer comfortable lodgings just minutes from the popular attraction.

Considered an ecological accommodation option, the Jolie Jungle hotel offers you unique suites and bungalows in the jungle. You’ll be able to enjoy views of the luscious landscape as well as spend time enjoying unique features of the property. The Temazcal is a bath option which is a common practice by North American Indians. Enjoy the unique therapy or schedule a spa treatment in-room to relax your tired muscles after you have enjoyed an outdoor adventure.

A second unique hotel choice near the attraction is the Casa Cenote Popol Vuh. This hotel is located deep within a jungle setting, allowing you to become one with the climate and atmosphere of the area. Modern conveniences have been added to the guest rooms including private bathrooms and satellite televisions, but the sparse d├ęcor and minimal design allows you to take in your surroundings rather than be distracted by the guest room itself. A cenote is located on the property, providing you with a natural resource for swimming and kayaking.

Things to Do

When you visit the Gorilax Jungle Park, you’ll have access to a variety of activities. You can choose one option or bundle activities to create an action-packed day of fun and excitement. Choose to take the Xtreme Canopy Tour which includes zip lining, with stops along 18 towers above the Mayan Jungle. At the end, you’ll be able to cool off by jumping in to a cenote cavern. Choose the ATV adventure to tour the jungle on ATV through various obstacles and puddles. You can combine the ATV and zip lining to enjoy both activities for a memorable experience while in Cancun. Experienced guides help you along the way, providing a safe and informative environment as you enjoy each activity.

Getting Around

When you arrive at Gorliax Jungle Park, you’ll find the activities take place over 40 hectares of land. The land offers cenotes along the way so you can enjoy swimming as you zip line and ride ATVs. The path to the park is located at km.21 of the Leona Vicario road in Puerto Morelos.

Additional Info

Since you have traveled from the hotels near Gorilax Jungle Park in Cancun to the main attractions, you’ll find that you can enjoy downtime on-site as well. The Palapa Reception area at the facility offers you the option to train, place items in lockers, and enjoy snacks at the snack bar. A pool table is also located in this area for entertainment before you get started on your adventure.