Hotels near Isla Contoy in Mexico

Hotels near Isla Contoy in Mexico

When traveling to Cancun, you’ll find the beautiful area is brimming with outdoor activity. From the white sandy beaches to jungle excursions, you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities as you visit the beautiful tropical oasis. One area that is not to be missed during your travels is Isla Contoy. Here you’ll find a small island that was named a National Park in the late 1980s. The area is a nesting spot for sea turtles as well as home to migrating and resident birds of over 150 species. Hotels near Isla Contoy in Mexico can provide you with luxury accommodations during your visit, just a few minutes from the beautiful island.

Located along the North Beach area of Isla Mujeres, the Cabanas Maria del Mar is an ideal option for accommodations when traveling to Cancun. Here you’ll be able to explore a quaint fishing village, enjoying shopping and dining all on the island. During your stay, you’ll have access to dining at Buho’s, the hotel restaurant that offers tropical as well as traditional dishes. Bar service is also provided, allowing you to enjoy a cocktail by the pool or while relaxing in one of the many hotel hammocks. Because the hotel is located just steps from the beach; chairs, umbrellas, and beach towels are provided for you.

Connected to Isla Mujeres via a travel bridge, the Mia Reef Isla Mujeres/All Inclusive hotel can provide you with an excellent accommodation during your travels. This hotel is an all-inclusive resort so specific amenities and services are offered complimentary during your stay. Dining, drinks, entertainment, and more are all provided for you. The property is so stunningly beautiful and offers a variety of activity, you may never want to leave! This property even offers quality children’s entertainment via the MIA REEF Kids Club. You can keep your children busy as you spend time relaxing poolside with your spouse, or enjoying the beautiful beachfront property.

Things to Do

Isla Contoy is quite an interesting island near Cancun. Biologists are located on-site and are monitoring the ecosystem of the land, with a museum offering exhibits of their findings. When you arrive on the island, a biologist can give you a guided tour allowing you to learn more about the national treasure. Plenty of benches are available for resting with a grill for barbecuing if you want to plan a day of activity. Only select tours are allowed to bring guests to the island, as only 200 visitors are allowed each day. Speak with your accommodation provider to find the best option for touring this beautiful island.

Getting Around

The Isla Contoy is quite small, so once you arrive on the island you’ll be able to easily walk around. To get to the island, you’ll need assistance of a tour company. Tours will set sail from Cancun or Isla Mujeres and will have a sailing time frame of one to two hours based on where you leave from and the weather.

Additional Info

During your stay at hotels near Isla Contoy in Mexico, you must visit the island. Not only can you view interesting wildlife and vegetation, you’ll also find a local specialty in dining on the island. BBQ Fish Tik-in-chik is a delicacy locally and must be tried when you visit the beautiful Isla Contoy.