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Playa Langosta

Often when considering a vacation, people gravitate toward the beach – and for good reason! The smooth, sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters of Cancun are unmatched, making it easy to book a resort on the ocean and never visit the other areas, like downtown Cancun, and that’s a great loss. Hotels near Playa Langosta in Mexico give guests a great location to experience the culture and history from Mayan ruins to snorkeling to visiting underwater museums!

Located in the Downtown Cancun area, the Suites Gaby, Hotel Ikaro Suites, Hotel Hacienda Cancun and Hotel Caribe Internacional are all close to reasonably priced public transportation, authentic restaurants, and artisan crafted souvenirs.

Caribbean Sea

Sitting and catching some rays on the Cancun beaches, you would never guess that there are nearly 500 statues underwater, specially created to encourage reef formation! An exciting afternoon can be spent exploring these eerie treasures through Aquaworld thats well worth the 30 minute drive. While you’re in the area, Aquaworld also has other underwater and motor sporting opportunities, like snorkeling and jet skis, for your enjoyment.


Get a feel for the culture and traditions of the area by attending a bullfight at the Plaza de Toros, which runs from the end of December through mid-May. Be sure to prepare and read up on what occurs in bullfighting to not be surprised while sitting in the bleachers!

A great choice for a cultural experience is visiting Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site. The most well-known structure on the grounds is the El Castillo, a large pyramid made of stone that represents an important part of the Mayan culture – the calendar! Taking a tour through this site is a wonderful way to get the most out of the experience.


Ready for a break from being on the tourist fast track? Hang out at the Parque de las Palapas, a common meeting area with food, art, benches, and open space to play and have a good afternoon. Another option for a more laid-back day would be to visit Market 28 and 23, both flea markets where tourist can mingle with the locals to bargain for the best deals on food, crafts, and more.


Peter’s Restaurante is a must if you enjoy lunches and dinners in a cozy, welcoming environment and service by the chef himself! Peter’s is right near the hotels near the Playa Langosta in Mexico, located on Av. Bonampak. Another highly recommended restaurant in the area is La Habichuela, with a great staff,  a fun and memorable atmosphere, and a delicious menu!

Getting Around

All of the hotels near the Playa Langosta in Mexico are around the intersection/ 50 degree angle corner of highway 307 and Lopez Portillo – two main roads. Suites Gaby is right on the outside edge of Market 28, neighbors to the Ikaro Suites Cancun that’s just around the corner. Only a few blocks down the road is the Hotel Caribe Internacional. If you want to be further north, book your stay at the Hotel Hacienda Cancun.

Fairly central to all of these hotels is the ADO Bus Station- a great option for getting around! The cost is per person and inexpensive. It’s outside of the Monumento a la Historia de Mexico, which is in a small oval of lawn right in the middle of highway 307.