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Hotels near Middleton Place & Things to Do

What to Do and See at Hotels Near Middleton Place in Charleston

If history is of serious interest, consider booking hotels near Middleton Place in Charleston. This historic region dates back to the 1740s and is a fascinating place to visit and quite place to stay during your travels to South Carolina.

History of Middleton Place

Middleton Place, founded in 1741, is a rich piece of both Charleston’s and America’s history. The piece of land was first developed in 1705, but it came into the Middleton Family a few decades later. Cared for and enriched by four generations of the Middleton Family, the estate to grew and prospered.

Henry Middleton was the original founder of the estate. Strongly opposed to British policy, Middleton was one of the wealthiest landowners in South Carolina. He envisioned the design of the intricate gardens. His son, Arthur Middleton, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and served in the Revolutionary War in the defense of Charleston. Arthur’s son, Henry, was an eager and educated horticulturist and, with the help of his friend Andre Michaux, enlarged the famous gardens of the estate. Henry’s son, Williams, was a signer of the South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession in 1860, helping to spark the Civil War.

In 1865 a troop from New York took over Middleton Place and burned the buildings and valued family treasures to the ground. Despite this, Williams was able to hold ownership of Middleton Place. With repairs to the South Flanker Building, he again called the estate home. Williams’ daughter Lilly inherited the estate. When she died, the plantation has been in a state of disrepair for 60 years. It passed to her cousin, J.J. Pringle Smith. Under his guidance, the restoration of Middleton Place began. The oldest landscaped gardens in America were once again being paid their dues and their former glory was restored. Outbuildings were rebuilt and created a farming headquarters. A guest house was also constructed. These building are now the Plantation Stableyards and the Middleton Place Restaurant. For hotels near Middleton Place in Charleston, consider staying on the grounds at The Inn at Middleton Place.

There is So Much to Do

Wandering through the Gardens of Middleton Place makes one appreciate the genius it took to create such a place of natural beauty. Based on the principles of geometry and symmetry that ruled the design of the Palace of Versaille Gardens, walkways, galleries, and arbors host ornate statues. The main walkway lines up perfectly to the center hall of the house, accentuating the gorgeous views of the Ashley River. The Reflection Pool, the Azalea Pool, and the Rice Mill Pond add a depth to the Gardens. Enjoy gorgeous blossoms no matter the time of year.

Visit the estate’s Stableyards for a view of working plantation life. Enjoy watching the skills of the weaver, blacksmith, potter, and carpenter at work, as well as viewing the heritage breeds of animals that would have inhabited the plantation in its glory.

The House Museum is housed in the remaining South Flankers building and introduces visitors to the generations of Middleton Family that grew and preserved the estate. Continue your historic experience with fine dining at the Middleton Place Restaurant, housed in the rebuilt guest house.

Where to Stay

Middleton Place is home to the beautifully-designed and decorated Inn at Middleton Place. Modern amenities and natural splendor combine to make the perfect accommodations for your visit. Plus, guests have complimentary access to Middleton Place, just a gorgeous walk away. Let The Inn at Middleton be your choice for hotels near Middleton Place in Charleston. It’s a perfect host during your memorable visit to Middleton Place.