The Gwen, a Luxury Collection Hotel, offers enclosed access to the Shops at North Bridge and Nordstrom, and it boasts a rooftop lounge and bar. Other amenities include a PURE fitness center, complimentary high-speed...
What would be better then having free Internet, direct access to Chicago and a short drive to Berwyn, an Italian Bistro and Pizzeria, and flexible meeting space?  How about a loaner iPad?  You read that right. ...

Attractions and Hotels in Berwyn, Illinois

What’s In A Name?

Before you decide on which of the excellent hotels in Berwyn, Illinois, you’re going to book your stay with, take some time to enjoy interesting origin of the city’s name.  The town was once almost completely dominated by Mud Lake, a swampy area created by the recession of Lake Chicago into Lake Michigan.  At first, it was home to a plank road that connected Chicago and Ottawa. Eventually, a rather misguided gentleman named Baldwin purchased the land to build an aristocratic community called LaVergne.

As very few people wanted to live in a swamp, the idea didn’t take off and Baldwin’s daughter eventually sold off most of the land.  Two of the buyers, while developing in the area, decided they wanted to build their own train station as well.  They couldn’t decide what to name it so they looked over a Pennsylvania train timetable and chose the name of a subdivision outside Philadelphia – Berwyn.  For some reason, the name stuck and as the town grew into a city, it adopted the name as its own.

Local Color and Chi-Town Convenience

With only 10 miles between the hotels in Berwyn, Illinois, and the excitement of the Windy City, you might think that convenience could be the only reason to stay at one of them.  While it is a good one, the city of Berwyn has its own history and color to offer up as well.  It was home to the peculiar piece of art known as the Spindle, stack of eight cars impaled on a spike, until it was removed for a Walgreens.  It also has one of the world’s largest laundromats, over 13,000 square feet, that includes a kid’s play area, a big screen television, a bird sanctuary, and free pizza every Wednesday night.  The setting for scenes in movies like Wanted and A League of Their Own, Berwyn has collected its own legacy, one you can enjoy before and after you visit nearby Chicago.