Book Hotels near Navy Pier and Have Plenty to Do

What is Navy Pier?

Navy Pier is an exciting and unique experience waiting for every Chicago visitor. So it’s common to look for hotels near Navy Pier in Chicago. Its 50 acres provide a combination of sights and activities that would be hard to find elsewhere. From the end of the Pier, the Chicago skyline is breathtaking, and in the other direction is the vast Lake Michigan. Home to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, shops, and restaurants, Navy Pier is an excellent place to spend an afternoon. Navy Pier is open year around, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Pier itself is free to visit, though some attractions like the IMAX, Children’s Museum, Ferris wheel, and other rides may charge admission.

Hotels Near Navy Pier in Chicago

Hotels near Navy Pier vary in prices depending on what you’re looking for, but the following are all within 10 minutes of the Pier.

If a hotel where you can go back to relax after a long day, wake up for complimentary breakfast, and experience a bit of nature in the lobby sounds good, Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown-Lakefront will be just right.

Perhaps Navy Pier and the Chicago River are must-see’s for this trip. Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers is located next to the river, with windows showing great views of the city or the lake, and is designed to give the guest a calm, relaxing environment.

Interested in kicking it up a notch? The MileNorth Chicago is a bit more expensive, with three panel windows to allow natural light, and a color scheme that won’t overwhelm, but adds just a little bit of spice to the rooms.

Or maybe you’re looking to go bigger, with a hotel that is unique and hip enough to make you consider never leaving. That would be the W Chicago Lakeshore, the only hotel located on Lakeshore Drive and the place to be on the weekends.

What to Do

Navy Pier stretches out into Lake Michigan, and it gives visitors a nice breath of fresh air from the Windy City. The Pier isn’t just outside, there’s an entire indoor component. Inside the Family Pavilion, there are stores selling clothing, toys, and souvenirs. Eight year-round restaurants set up shop at the Pier, with a variety of styles that represents Chicago dining, and a dozen restaurant options are available in the food court. Hotels near Navy Pier in Chicago also have on-site restaurants for your convenience. Many offer a free morning breakfast to get you started each day.

Throughout the year, Navy Pier hosts different exhibitions and concerts, keeping each season interesting. During the summer months, every Wednesday and Saturday there are fireworks for the public. You can also find an IMAX Theater, the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze, and the Children’s Museum all in this one location. The parks and benches are always available for relaxing and enjoying the day.

Navy Pier is a fairly large area, so it may not be a bad idea to rent one of their bikes or a pair of skates to add a little more excitement to your walk. Another way to get around would be on the water, jet skis can be rented for 30-minute tours, and dinner cruises and tour boats leave right from the pier.