A premier wine bar and an outdoor heated pool where you can see movies right from the water are just two of the many things that set the Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West apart from even the other luxury hotels in...
Go big and feel like you stayed home with a reservation in the largest guest room accommodations in Dallas at the elegant Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas.  Enjoy a unique sense of relaxation with gorgeous views...

Omni Hotels in Dallas You Should Check Out

Dallas Represent!

There’s something comforting about staying in a small, independently owned hotel, one that isn’t privy to the machinations of a big corporation or lost as one of millions in a huge chain.  But there’s also a lot to be gained from the experience and backing of a big name that has honed its craft over years of operation and multiple locations.  So how do you get the benefit of both?  By choosing a privately held luxury chain in the city where it’s headquartered.  The Omni hotels in Dallas offer you the double benefit of being part of an international company who has gained their pedigree through effort and experience while enjoying the quality that is guaranteed to come with being only miles from its beating heart.  If you are looking to not just stay in Texas but feel Texas all around you, you couldn’t ask for a better place to do it than the Omni hotels in Dallas.

One Is No Longer Lonely

There is a lot to love about the Omni hotels in Dallas, from locations right near the city to luxury rooms, suites, and amenities that come with each and every stay. But only one thing truly sets it above and beyond other chains of its kind, “The Power of One.”  That is the name of the program that Omni has created to ensure that its staff is completely dedicated to one thing and one thing only – giving you the perfect stay.  Built upon the idea that just one event can change your experience, for good or bad, it is comprised of 19 principles, from some as simple as smile and make eye contact to the revolutionary ‘take good care of ourselves’.  If a hotel chain is willing to go that far with just the training of its staff, imagine how amazing the rest of the Omni hotels in Dallas will be.