Dallas is a huge city with plenty to see and do. From the zoo to AT&T Stadium, there are activities for all ages. Here’s a unique way to explore Dallas. Pick up a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) schedule, check out unique Dallas attractions recommended by the locals, and see a whole other side to the Big D.

The DART System in Dallas

Dallas-DARTDART, or the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, is the easiest way to get around the Big D. There are 13 bus stations and 65 rail stations scattered around the city. With buses and trains running every 7.5 to 30 minutes apart (depending on the day of the week, time of day, and neighborhood), between the hours of 5 a.m. to midnight, you never have to wait long for your ride.

When you’re ready to explore Dallas using DART, buy a day pass. These passes allow you to ride the buses and trains an infinite number of times for as little as $5. If you happen to be in Dallas for a week. The seven-day pass is a better deal with prices starting at $25 for a week of unlimited DART rides.

Before you travel, it’s best to print a DART map. This map shows all of the lines and their stops. It even marks where there is parking available if you have a rental car and need a place to park your car as you explore Dallas.

Discover DARTable Gems

DARTable gems are businesses and sites recommended by locals. As they are off the beaten path, they’re sometimes less congested than attractions like the theme parks, zoos, and shopping malls. Plus, you get to see a side of Dallas that tourists often overlook. There are too many to list, but here are some highlights.

#1 is Lake Cliff Park: Head to Lake Cliff Park for a day of picnicking, nature walks, and burning off energy. If you have active little kids, the playgrounds allow them to expend energy for hours. Have a picnic in the pavilion or in the pergola near Lake Cliff’s fountain. The park is in the Oak Cliff neighborhood and is reached using DART.

#2 is Mama’s Daughters’ Diner: Use DART’s green line to head north to Mama’s Daughters’ Diner. For more than 60 years, the Dallas diner has served hearty meals ranging from chicken fried steak served with a trio of sides that you pick from a list to homemade chicken and dumplings. Meals are less than $10 and include homemade rolls or cornbread, so you don’t have to spend a lot to leave feeling very satisfied.

homemade-potato-chips#3 is Sid’s Rainbow Grill: Sid’s Rainbow Grill tributes soda fountains of the past. For 20 years, this grill and soda fountain has wowed patrons with fountain sodas in a variety of flavors, homemade burgers that cost less than $5, and Sid’s Rainbow Grill specialties like Fritos Pie and homemade potato chips. Top your meal off with an ice cream soda or homemade pie a la mode.

#4 is Trinity River Audubon Center: Trinity River Audubon Center is in the south of Dallas and is an ideal spot for birdwatching, nature walks, and kayak tours. The center is home to five miles of trails that travel through the forest, prairie, and wetlands. There are spots for picnics, an indoor exhibition hall filled with native reptiles and amphibians, and butterfly gardens you can explore. Get an animal print ID card and use it to identify how many animals have wandered the trails at night.

As you explore more than a dozen DARTable gems in Dallas using the rail and bus system, you’ll want a comfortable hotel room or suite to retire in at the end of your very busy day. ReservationCounter.com is happy to find you the hotel that best meets your needs at a price that will put a smile on your face.