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Hotels near Galveston Railroad Museum

There are a variety of fun attractions in Galveston, Texas, including the Galveston Railroad Museum. Many families choose to stay in one of the hotels near Galveston Railroad Museum so they can be close to the museum and enjoy its various exhibits. The Galveston Railroad Museum features restored railroad collections with exhibits, rolling stock, memorabilia, and locomotives. Kids can actually see real aspects of old-fashioned trains and railroad exhibits. There are also special events and rentals available for the museum.

Exhibits and Displays

You and your family will find a variety of exhibits and displays at the Galveston Railroad Museum. Start at The People’s Gallery and Depot. This building shows a railroad depot after the third remodel, which was completed in 1933. It was actually an active-passenger deposit until 1967. The gift shop in The People’s Gallery was once a cigar newsstand when the depot was in business. At the Depot and People’s Gallery, you will find Railroad China displays, pictures from Hurricane Ike, model trails, railroad jargon, maps, and pictures from the Panama Railway exhibit.

There is also a “Ghosts of Traveler’s Past” exhibit at the museum. This features ghosts of Elliott and Ivan Schwartz who travelled through the museum in 1932. There were live models that were casted in plaster for a mold of the ghosts. The clothing the ghosts are wearing came from local antique stores.

Don’t miss the “Panama Railway: Connecting Oceans” exhibit. This is a collection donated by Leeza and Norman White with illustrations, bonds, maps, and original Panama railways. Another fun exhibit is the “Restaurants on Rails.” This has dining cars from 1868-1970 and was part of the Dr. Henry Renfert Railroad Dining Collection. Fortunately, the hotels near Galveston Railroad Museum put you close to this top-notch attraction.

Renting the Railroad Museum

If you want to have a special event at the Galveston Railroad Museum, there are rentals available. This provides a great setting for different types of events, from birthday parties to cocktail parties. There is a facility in the People’s Gallery that can fit up to 300 seated people or 400 standing people. There is also the Garden of Steam area with a gazebo and garden for outdoor events. If you have a smaller event you want to plan, you can choose one of the dining cars that fit about 64 people. These are great for personal and business events.

Special Events

If you are staying at one of the hotels near Galveston Railroad Museum, you might also want to check out one of the special events held at the museum. In October, they have the Train Show. This comes around once a year and features model trail displays with judges, rides on the Harborside Express, and different types of food and craft stands. In December, don’t miss the Santa Train. Santa will ride the Harborside Express into the museum and let kids sit on his lap to tell him what they want for Christmas. This is a lot of fun for children when they are visiting the museum.