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Hotels near Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark

If you are planning on traveling to Galveston, Texas, you should definitely check out the Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This is one of the most popular attractions in Galveston and for good reason. It includes a wide range of water rides, slides, an indoor heated swimming pool, and excellent food vendors. There are also many hotels near Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark so you can stay near the amusement park and visit it more than once during your trip.

Ticket Information

When you buy a ticket for a day at the Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark, it works for all attractions at the amusement park, including indoor and outdoor activities. The only activity that includes an extra charge is the Soaring Eagle Zip Line. It also comes with free parking for the day printed on the ticket and unlimited use of the life jackets and inner tubes offered. You can eat at the park or bring along your own coolers and picnic baskets. Please be aware that open containers, glass, and alcohol is not allowed at the waterpark.

General admission tickets are for ages 12-54. Children under 12 and seniors that are 55 and older get a special discounted ticket. Children under 3 years old get in for free. There are one-day tickets, two-day tickets, and afternoon admission tickets that are discounted. The Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark offers tickets online, many of which feature special discounts. You may also be eligible for group rates if you are purchase tickets for more than 15 people. Season passes are also available, so be sure to stop by the front desk at one of the hotels near Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark to inquire about the tickets.

Rides and Activities

There are many different games, activities, and rides at the Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark. There are swimming pools inside and outside the waterpark, so that you can visit and enjoy the festivities even during inclement weather. There are dozens of water slides, split up into the area of the waterpark. For example, there are three water slides at the Bahnzai Pipeline, two water slides at the Cliffhanger, two water slides at the Dragon Blaster, two water slides at the Guada Loopy and Faust and Furious, and another two water slides at both the Screaming Serpents and Loopy Luge. The Kristal area of the waterpark includes the Kristal Beach, Kristal Beach, Kristal River, and Kristal Cove. There is also the Thunder Tub, Boogie Bahn, Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Tiki Tikes, and Shipwreck Harbor. The Rohr!, Treasure Island Kids Pool, and Wave Lagoon are popular with younger children. The Torrent area includes a beach, beach kids area, and a river. There is a heated pool with a swim-up bar, in addition to the Wave Lagoon and Whitewater Beach.

Special Events

When you stay at one of the hotels near Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark you will also have your choice of special events. For example, you can enjoy the Spring Break event in March every year or attend the Schlitterbahn Spring Cub Scout Day at the end of March. Some other events include Ride, Slide and Save, Aqua Lab School Days, and American Heroes Week. Later in the year, there is the Schlitterbahn Fall Cub Scout Day and Holiday Splash.