Free wireless Internet, multiple on-site shops, and three different places to eat and drink are waiting for you at the New Otani Kaimana Beach.  Named for being right up against the beach itself and only two miles...
Across the street from the Honolulu Zoo and six minutes from Diamond Head, the Queen Kapiolani will make you feel like royalty.  Stretch out in spacious rooms and suites, swim three floors up, and have a divine...

Diamond Head

True Hawaii

If you were to make a list of the things that make Hawaii what it is, there is a very good chance that right at the top would be beaches, grass skirts and volcanoes.  And, there is only one volcano that is both an icon of the island of Oahu as well as a must-see tourist attraction. It is the very one that you will get the chance to enjoy from the complete comfort of your accommodations at the hotels near Diamond Head in Honolulu.  Actually a volcanic ash cone, and sometimes argued to be a vent of the Ko’olau Range, this natural wonder can be seen from almost anywhere in the city and will provide the backdrop for all your adventures.  Known as Le’ahi to the locals, it got its official name from early British sailors who wrongly assumed that the glitter scattered across the nearby beach were, in fact, diamonds.  It has served as the site of the first military reservation on the island, an air traffic control center and still provides a location for certain military buildings.  Without a doubt, it is the one place you have to see to get a feel for the true Hawaii.

Climb a Monument

Your room or suite in the hotels near Diamond Head in Honolulu won’t just offer you an incredible panorama to enjoy from your window or balcony, they will also get your direct access to a site that is U.S. National Natural Landmark and a State Monument.  And that access you’re getting is far from limited to just looking.  A three-quarter mile trail runs right up the craters edge.  Though the hike is listed as a very steep and rigorous one, it is well worth the possible two hours it may take to get you to the end because once you are there, all of the city and its beaches will be spread out before you.  See Honolulu like you’ve never dreamed, taking in all its beauty from almost 800 feet in the air.

But Get Some Rest First

You are going want to ensure that you get enough water and sleep before you tackle the volcano.  That’s where the hotels near Diamond Head in Honolulu come in.  Scattered around the breathtaking expanse of Kapiolani State Park, which is home to the Honolulu Zoo, each of these grand locations is less than 10 minutes from the monument.  And, all of them are of the exact quality you’d expect from a hotel nestled in the heart of paradise at the foot of a volcano.  Get on-site spa services, free wireless Internet access, dining, shopping, and more all on right in the same building where you will be stretching out in style and comfort.  Choose between the cool, clean waters of a hotel pool or a short walk to the surf of the Waikiki Beach.  Work out in state-of-the-art fitness facilities or head out to the nearby parks for a job in the sun.  If you are looking to experience Hawaii to its fullest, choose one of the hotels near Diamond Head in Honolulu today.