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Houston, Texas: A Guide to the City

A Legend of the South

A room or suite at any of the hotels in Houston will give you a front row seat to the modern realization of a city with very humble beginnings. When two real estate entrepreneurs from New York set out to build a new city in the south of Texas, along the coast of Buffalo Bay, they could not have known how successful their endeavor would become. The urban powerhouse that rose up on the land they purchased remains a testament to the drive, ambition, and dedication of the American spirit.

Named for a popular general from the Battle of San Jacinto, the city was incorporated in 1837 and became the temporary capital of the Republic of Texas in the same year. With the building of railroad lines to connect inland Texan areas to the ports at Galveston and Beaumont, combined with the already bustling new port at Buffalo Bay, Houston became a hub for the export of southern goods like cotton. After serving as a pivotal location during the Civil War, business continued to boom for the city, and it was soon the railroad capital of the state. But all of that paled in comparison to the effect that the discovery of oil had on the area, creating the world-famous petroleum industry that gave the city even more growth and success.

Though Houston proved pivotal once again for World War II as a ship building and manufacturing center for the war effort, and the economy hit another surge due to the attraction of air conditioning in the 50s, it wasn’t until NASA established what is now known as the LBJ Space Center that the city gained its most well-known claim to fame and the source of its nickname “Space City.” Both the oil and space industry took a serious hit in the 80s with the decline in petroleum prices and the Challenger space shuttle disaster, but the tough heart of Houston kept beating and by diversifying into aerospace and healthcare, it remained a mainstay of Texas, the south, and the United States. Today, a reservation at the hotels in Houston will show you just how strong, proud, and powerful this legend of the south was, is and will be.

A City with Something for Everyone

As you might already have guessed from just a small glimpse into the vibrant past of the this great city, the hotels in Houston will definitely get you up close to a full trip’s worth of history. The Museum District, which attracts more than seven million visitors a year, is home to locations like the Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Holocaust Museum Houston, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

If exhibits of art and history don’t interest you as much as live theater and music, then you could explore the Houston Theater District instead. Home to the second largest concentration of theater seats in the country, it has permanent local companies in all disciplines. Catch a show or event at the Houston Grand Opera or The Alley Theatre or walk to streets to enjoy a world of local folk artists and theater troupes.

Other must-see spots that fall somewhere between the two are the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center, the Houston Zoo, the Downtown Aquarium, Chinatown, and the Mahatma Ghandi District. If nature is more your speed, a slow walk in the park or a quiet lunch on the grass, Houston has the most parks and green space of the top 10 most populous cities in the U.S., including a waterfall park, a skate park, and more than 337 traditional city parks.

Finally, for the sports fan, the hotels in Houston will get you right on time for tickets to see the Astros, the Rockets, the Texans, and the Dynamo. You can even enjoy an annual IndyCar race at the Grand Prix of Houston. And for your business concerns, it’s worth noting that only New York has more Fortune 500 companies housed in its borders.

Weather Info and How to Get Around

Being in the largest city in Southern United States means that weather around the hotels in Houston is hot more often than not. With over 100 days a year averaging over 90 degrees and summer mornings averaging over 90 percent humidity, you will certainly appreciate that it has been known as the most air-conditioned place on earth. Even the winter stays bearable, with temperatures stay near 50 degrees and snowfall barely ever appearing. All of that means that you won’t have to worry about the weather when you planning your days around the various sights and sounds of the city.

And speaking of those plans, getting around the to everything you want to see and do will be done mostly by car, using almost 800 miles of freeway monitored by TranStar. If you aren’t bringing a vehicle with you, you could also take advantage of the METRO systems of light rail, bus, and lift vans, or join the largest number of bike commuters in the state of Texas on 160 miles of bikeways.

Where Staying is as Fun as Playing

There’s little doubt that you’ll have plenty to enjoy when you visit what locals have affectionately named Space City. What you may not realized, however, is that the hotels in Houston will provide you just as much to do and see. You can pamper yourself to limits you may not have even known existed with big name luxury hotels like the Omni Houston, Club Quarters, and Four Seasons. Or, you could explore a completely unique boutique experience with as much in-house excitement as you will find on the streets of the city at the Aloft Houston. Stick with names that have held up the hospitality industry the world over for years with Hilton Americas, Houston Marriott, or the Hampton Inn. No matter which of these, or the many other, hotels in Houston you choose, you can rest assured that you will get a great stay that gives you everything you need to make the most of the amazing city of the South.