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Holocaust Museum Houston and Nearby Hotels

A Lesson That Must Never Be Forgotten

When you decide to make a reservation at the hotels near the Holocaust Museum Houston, you are opening your mind and heart to the facts and stories behind a moment in time that must never be lost.  As a resident of Houston and a survivor of the Holocaust, Seigi Izakson wanted to ensure that his voice, and the voices of his fellow survivors, would never fade with time.  The lessons learned by the horrific events during World War II were far too important, far too significant, to only be given from the mouths of those who were there.

To ensure they would live on forever and continue to educate each coming generation about the power of hate and hope, he worked with local groups to bring to life a memorial to the Holocaust right in the heart of the city’s Museum District.  After 13 years of unyielding effort and the support of the president of Houston’s Jewish Federation, the museum was opened to the public in 1996.  Today, it remains a bastion of remembrance, offering up images, true stories, and education to its visitors to help them understand the truth of that terrible time.

The museum houses over 5,000 volumes of information available to members of the museum at the Bonuik Library. There’s the powerful Bearing Witness permanent exhibition, the various temporary exhibitions and events that focus on both World War II, and other important events from around the world. The Holocaust Museum Houston will open your eyes and heart to a lesson that the world must never forget.

Find a Place to Take It All In

There is no doubt that this particular trip is going to be both enlightening and overwhelming.  Make sure you have a comfortable place nearby to take a moment to reflect with a room or suite at the hotels near the Holocaust Museum Houston.  Whether you decide you are looking for something a bit more upscale at the Wyndham or the Crowne Plaza, offsetting the somber lessons of your visit to the museum with a bit of welcoming luxury and elegance, or you want to enjoy the embrace of a more homey environment at the Robin’s Nest Bed and Breakfast, there is a hotel waiting for you that will give you everything you need.

Perhaps you want to place yourself in the hands of a company that has proven itself time and again to be a champion of its guests and an expert at providing the kind of comfort and convenience you deserve.  Then book your stay at the Houston Marriott instead and let the well-trained, friendly staff and superior services set you up and get you settled.   And no matter which of the hotels near the Holocaust Museum Houston sounds like the right fit, find comfort in the fact that they are all located only minutes from both the front doors of the museum and the other great attractions of the city, letting you spend less of your time traveling and more of it taking it all in.