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Innovating Travel Through Technology

Microsoft Bing Ads writers recently interviewed two leaders at TravelPass Group, which operates Reservation Counter, on the technology and marketing expertise they use to simplify and personalize the booking process for customers--in a travel industry flooded with options and choices.


Innovating Travel Through Technology

"The marketing technology company employs proprietary tools to fuel its travel websites, such as, that combine multiple hotel inventory sources and use well-tested search strategies to help consumers find and save on the best travel destinations and deals.

“We started by partnering with Expedia,” Mike Hurren, TravelPass Group’s vice president of marketing, says of the company’s impressive momentum. “Now we have partnerships with Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, GetARoom, Amadeus, Sabre, and other major players in the travel industry. We also foster individual relationships with different hotel groups and hotel chains.”

"Individually, each of these sites is a household brand; together, they create a powerful supply network that helps travelers access more choices and deals available in the TravelPass Group system, which has a combined inventory of more than 1 million properties worldwide.

Rather than a frustrating maze of “contact us” pages and automated phone systems, Hurren wants something more user-friendly. Because when they travel, they want a simple booking experience and fast, amiable customer service.


“There are a lot of players in the travel industry who would rather keep all the interactions online,” Hurren says. “We have our own call centers available to our customers 24/7. We’ve developed technology that links our marketing efforts with our phone efforts, attributing our sales back to the channel that drove customers. We can leverage what we know about our customers and use that in the sales process to make booking as easy and seamless as possible.”


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