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Hotels in Layton, FL

Located in the Long Key area of the Florida Keys, the city of Layton first became famous as a fishing area after the island had started as a coconut plantation. Visitors can now travel to the city and enjoy a lovely vacation with many of the tropical resorts in Layton. Hotels in Layton, FL such as the Cheeca Lodge & Spa or the Days Inn Islamorada Oceanfront Resort can offer you resort style accommodations in the tropical setting.

For a luxury experience, the Cheeca Lodge & Spa can offer you the ultimate in style and convenience. Spend time enjoying the many activities provided by the resort including fishing, boating, kayaking, and scuba diving. For your dining needs, the hotel offers several restaurants as well as bar areas for your beverage and mealtime needs.

For a more affordable stay, the Days Inn Islamorada Oceanfront Resort hotel can offer you a comfortable option for enjoying the tropical island. Each guest room is equipped with modern conveniences including balconies and kitchenette options. You’ll be able to enjoy the views of the area as well prepare meals in-room.

Things to do

When you travel to Layton, you’ll be able to enjoy the many water activities of the Florida Keys. Spend time relaxing on the beach with your toes in the sand or you can hit the water with skiing, boating, and more available on the ocean waters.

Getting Around

In most cases, you can tour the city on foot or with a bicycle rental. If you feel more comfortable, you can use a vehicle to move about to different attractions or destinations further from your resort hotel.

Additional Info

Hotels in Layton, FL are well-equipped for your traveling needs and include the amenities you need for a quality stay. Take advantage of the many programs or activities provided by your resort for a relaxing vacation in the beautiful state of Florida.