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Robbie’s is an attraction in Key West, Florida that provides outdoor activities including boating, fishing, and snorkeling. If you’re staying in Key West and want to explore the sea or learn to snorkel, Robbie’s is the place to be. There are also many hotels near Robbie’s in Key West, so you can stay nearby and walk a short distance to go fishing or rent a boat. Robbie’s is also the location of many artists, due to the clear blue waters and crystal-like sandy beaches. You’ll also find a private beach near Robbie’s.

Robbie’s also provides a variety of shopping and dining opportunities. You’ll discover shopping for clothing, hammocks, art, and beads. There are sidewalk vendors nearby and plenty of restaurants and cafes, as well as bars.


One of the more popular things to do at Robbie’s is to go fishing. Robbie’s Marina is known as one of the sport fishing capitals of the world, so there is no surprise why you would want to go fishing there. Another great thing about fishing at Robbie’s is that there are locations and lessons for different experience levels, ranging from beginners who have never fished a day in their life, to expert-level fishermen. You’ll find a variety of docks around the marina and tournaments held in the summer months. You can either fish at the docks or rent one of the small boats for your adventure.

Boat Rentals

If you’ll be staying in one of the hotels near Robbie’s in Key West you might want to rent a boat, which is possible within walking distance of your hotel. You can rent a boat for anything from driving around the marina area for leisure or to go out fishing. The Islamorada at Robbie’s marina is the perfect location to set off from in the boat, and you can visit a variety of other spots around the Florida Keys. There are many excellent fishing spots to get to by boat if you don’t want to hang out at the docks located in the marina. You’ll find different types and sizes of boats to rent to visit individuals for solo fishing, couples, or large families. The boats also let you check out the sealife in their natural habitat and go bird watching. You can also reach different water reefs, the Cheeca Rocks, and the Alligator Lighthouse.


Lastly, don’t forget about snorkeling available at Robbie’s! This is another great activity when you’re planning on staying in one of the hotels near Robbie’s in Key West. Robbie’s offers lessons and a boat called the Happy Cat Snorkel Boat, which lets you learn and enjoy snorkeling around the Florida Keys. You’ll be able to see the coral reefs while snorkeling, along with many types of colorful fish. The boat also has more than snorkeling; you’ll be able to buy snacks, soda, and beer, and make use of the fresh water rinse shower.