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Schooner Western Union

The Schooner Western Union is a historic schooner in Key West, Florida. It is a popular attractions for families, especially those with children. The Western Union is actually the last authentic working tall ship built in Florida that is still surviving. It has been on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places since 1984. There are many exceptional hotels near the Schooner Western Union in Key West, which is great if you plan to visit the schooner during your trip to Florida.

Stargazer Cruise

One of the more popular cruises available on the Western Union schooner is the Stargazer Cruise. During this cruise, you’ll learn how the mariners would navigate their journeys in the sea by using the stars and astronomy as their guide. During the cruise, you and your traveling companions will learn about your birth signs and the different planets and stars. You’ll also get to touch an authentic meteorite. Some guests have even seen shooting stars during this cruise. There will be drinks offered, including water, soda, wine, and beer.

Sunset Sail

Another activity available on the Schooner Western Union is the Sunset Sail. This will let you see Key West’s beautiful sunset while you sail on the schooner. The schooner leaves about an hour before sunset, going right past the Mallory Square Sunset celebration and onto the Atlantic Ocean beyond. There are complimentary drinks served, including water, soda, beer, wine, and champagne. You’ll also get to try conch chowder and get a free piece of key lime pie. There is live music, a cannon fire, and a dove release on the Sunset Sail.

Full Moon Sail

If you are staying at one of the hotels near the Schooner Western Union in Key West, you might also want to see the Full Moon Sail. You’ll be able to see the full moon while on the Schooner Western Union. This is an amazing sight that you only get when you are out in the ocean. This includes a cruise around the Atlantic Ocean, offering many drinks and food options. It is appropriate for people of all ages and is a great activity for families that are traveling to Key West. You’ll learn all about the Schooner Western Union Maritime Museum and what the schooner used to be used for. You’ll raise the sails, be offered soda, wine and beer, and listen to music while watching the full moon.

There are many hotels near the Schooner Western Union in Key West, offering a variety of budget-friendly and luxury hotels. Whether you want a small hotel in a bed and breakfast environment during a romantic getaway or are looking for a large hotel with a room that has accommodations for your entire family, you’ll find a hotel nearby to fit your needs. The great thing about staying near the Western Union is that you’ll be within walking distance of this and other attractions.