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Hotels West of the Strip in Las Vegas and Things to Do

Sights and Sounds West of the Strip in Las Vegas

You’d expect a place west of what most consider Vegas’s main attraction to feature fewer things of interest. That’s where tourists are less likely to go, right? Surprisingly, it’s actually the case that some of Las Vegas’s best sights are located far away from the glitter and neon lighting of the Strip itself. Whether you’re craving a dose of nature, out to find a quieter place to enjoy an evening martini, or just looking for somewhere unique to bring the kids, Vegas’s western side has more entertainment than you could possibly fit into one trip. Take a look at the offerings from hotels in Las Vegas west of the Strip!

A Reminder That Nature Surrounds Us

Vegas doesn’t seem like the kind of place a nature fan would end up; it’s a town famous for casinos,  bars, and hotels. This is a shame considering it hosts one of the world’s most beautiful national parks, Red Rock Canyon National Park, approximately 15 miles from Las Vegas’s hotels west of the Strip, such as Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Red Rock Canyon National Park is a stark reminder that Vegas is an oasis masquerading as a city. Red Rock Canyon is set in an area lined with beautiful red sandstone cliffs, courtesy of the Mojave Desert. Visitors can get around the park in a few different ways. On a hot day, you might prefer to coast along a 13-mile road bordering the park. In fairer weather, you’ll find loads of bicycle and hiking paths practically begging you to go exploring.

But Where Can I Take the Kids?

Vegas doesn’t strike everyone as a kid-friendly town. While the city’s been slowly changing its image, few today are aware of just how much there is for a child to do in the big city. Many hotels like Days Inn Las Vegas at Wild Wild West Gambling Hall encourage families by letting kids stay free.

In the spirit of childhood, full of wonder, exploration, and imagination, there’s really no better place to visit than the Springs Preserve. Located just a few miles south from most hotels in Las Vegas West of the Strip, this place offers all the excitement and sense of adventure you experienced as a child. In fact, it’s a true family getaway, as it features attractions for people of all ages. Museums dot the property, begging to be pored over, showcasing Las Vegas’s impressive, varied local culture and history. Extensive botanical gardens are scattered around the premises, showcasing the work of local landscapers. Walking trails jut out in every direction. It’s a more accessible alternative to Red Rock Canyon, giving your family the freedom to explore without fear of getting lost.

A Golfer’s Paradise

No one said just because you’re on vacation, you have to stop doing the things you love. Honestly, it’s highly possible to make your vacation a golfing-based one in Las Vegas. The area west of the Strip is home to dozens of top-notch courses. Some are private, some public, but all of them are truly special. Courses like The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort and the Siena Golf Club are just waiting for you to tap into their challenging riches.

This has been just a slice of the rewards awaiting you around the area west of the Vegas Strip. True explorers will know some of the best rewards are found on your own, after all!