Great Russell St. in Bloomsbury is home to the Bloomsbury Hotel, a lovely oasis in the heart of the city. From here, you will be able to relax and unwind, becoming one with the city of London. Spend your time touring...
Located near the oldest square in London, the Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury Hotel is a top choice for your business and vacation travels. The central location of the hotel places you just two minutes of the Tube,...

Bloomsbury Square

Hotels near Bloomsbury Square in London

The city of London is a top destination for business and leisure travelers, offering famous landmarks, top-rated tourist attractions, fine dining, shopping and more. One of the most popular outdoor spaces is Bloomsbury Square, the oldest square in the city of London. Stroll along the square and enjoy beautiful sculptures, beautiful gardens, the Victoria House and more. Hotels near Bloomsbury Square in London can offer you a luxury stay, including beautiful suites, on-site dining, concierge service and more. Reserve a guest room at The Bloomsbury Hotel or the Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury Hotel to enjoy the city from the Bloomsbury area.

For a hotel location near major transportation, the Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury Hotel is the choice for you. This hotel is just minutes from the Russell Square Station, allowing you to easily catch the Tube and travel to a popular attraction. Dining options are provided at this location, including drinks and light snacks at The Junction Bar as well as Callaghans. You will also find a full menu of meal choices at the Junction Restaurant, providing a menu for every meal time.

The Bloomsbury Hotel is a second choice in the area of Bloomsbury Square, providing you with historic accommodations dating back to the 1930s. You will find modern mixed with antiques to offer you a comfortable space in which to relax after touring the city. Dining is enjoyed at the Summer Terrace or Landseer Restaurant, both provided by the hotel property. The hotel lobby serves Afternoon Tea where you can relish in London refreshments before heading out for a night on the town.

Things to Do

Bloomsbury Square is surrounded by beautiful architecture, lovely gardens and open walking paths. You can easily move through the square to reach popular attractions such as the British Museum or simply sit down on one of the many benches in the park and people watch. The area is also home to statues and art works such as the Charles James Fox statue, which is bronze in nature and features the Whig politician. The Camden Council maintains the grounds of the facility, making it beautiful for you to enjoy during your travels.

Getting Around

Transportation is a breeze in London, no matter where you are located. Hotels near Bloomsbury Square in London are within walking distance of the square so you can head out on foot to explore the area. When traveling from further distances, you can rely on the Tube or a vehicle, with a car park offered at the square.

Additional Info

From the Hotels near Bloomsbury Square in London, there are several other attractions to peak your interest. Spend time touring the city, stopping at the attractions that peak your interest including the British Museum or the London Bridge. Spend time at the Sea Life London Aquarium, a popular attraction perfect for children and even adults. The city offers extensive dining, shopping and nightlife options for you to enjoy the day and night time hours.