Buckingham Palace

If you are thinking about booking a room in one of the hotels near Buckingham Palace in London, you’ll have a first-hand look at the London residence. Buckingham Palace has been a London residence for British royalty since 1837, and continues to be the administrative headquarters for the constitutional monarchy. Many receptions and special events are held in the palace, though they also allow visitors to take a tour. There are a total of 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace, including royal and guest bedrooms, state rooms, staff bedrooms, and offices. There are also an astounding 78 bathrooms.

State Rooms

Within Buckingham Palace you’ll discover many things to see. The state rooms, of which there are 19 in total, are used for various events and entertaining. Monarch will typically receive awards in one of the state rooms. Some of the state rooms were also used for the reception of the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. If you take a tour in the summer, you’ll be able to view the state rooms. They include damask wallpaper, marble columns, various works of art and sculptures, and a candelabra.

Grand Staircase

One of the biggest highlights of the Buckingham Palace tour is the grand staircase. It is a bronze staircase that was designed by John Nash in the 1800s. It includes patterns of laurel leaves, oak and acanthus, and provides some of the best bronze casting work in the world. There is etched glass in the ceiling above the staircase, which allows light to shine down on the staircase.

Throne Room

If you take a tour of the Buckingham Palace, you might also be able to see the Throne Room. This is another room in the palace that is a favorite among visitors. The throne room includes rooms for various ceremonies and receptions, as well as being used as a ballroom. The throne room is also frequently used as a backdrop for royal occasions, including the royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Garden Tour

A separate tour at the Buckingham Palace is one that goes through the royal gardens. This covers 39 acres of gardens, which includes 200 trees, a three-acre lake, and 350 different types of wildflowers. The gardens are where the parties provided by the Queen are located. You will get a Garden Tour ticket that shows you the different gardens, along with the herbaceous border, tennis courts, rose garden, summer house clad with wisteria, and the waterloo vase. When you purchase a ticket for the garden tour, you also get to tour the state rooms.

If you plan to stay in one of the hotels near Buckingham Palace in London, don’t miss out on one of these unforgettable tours. You can see the state rooms, staircase, throne room, royal garden, and more. It is something you don’t want to miss whether you live in London or this will be your very first visit.