Footsteps from the historic square that it shares a name with and home to eight different meeting rooms that range in size from sixteen square feet to a four hundred and sixty foot ballroom, the Grand at Trafalgar...

Hotels with Conference Rooms

The Right (Way) To Assemble

There are some rights that are universal and one of them is the right to choose where and how you spend your money.  That choice is, no matter the variables, based on getting what you need to make your plans go off with a hitch and if your plans include putting together an unforgettable event, look no further than the hotels with conference rooms in London. Each offers up a perfect way to host your event with expansive meeting rooms, supportive well-trained staff and the latest in technological advances in communication and electronics.  There is already enough stress piling up with the plans for getting everything together, ensuring the invites going out, finalizing the edits on your presentation, and deciding on a menu that will delight each and every one of your guests.  From small, intimate one on ones to enormous gatherings of hundreds of attendees, the hotels with conference rooms in London are your answer to getting it right the very first time.

And When The Meeting’s Done

Head out in the city because the hotels with conference rooms in London aren’t only designed to set up you for hosting the year’s biggest event, they’re also ideally located to get you right up close to the best attractions.  In the case of the Aloft London Excel, you get a two for one with direct connection to the ExCel Convention Centre so the site of your event is the attraction.  At the Grand, host that meeting in one of eight rooms and then walk across the street to the historic and trendy Trafalgar Square. Choose from any size event space at the Maryleborne and enjoy convenience to Hyde Park, Regent Park and Buckingham Palace.  Every one of the hotels with conference rooms in London offer you the double benefit of a great location and the best spot for your event.